Course Description: The purpose of this course is to show how football has mirrored and helped shape American

culture. Topics covered will include: How it has evolved from an elite educational insitution to a working class activity. How masculinity was reshaped by modern managerial techniques after WW2; as well as how standards for acceptable levels of violence have been scrutinized by social reformers from the beginning right through the present day. Term schedule: Week 1: Red Grange, “the Game in flux (1906-1919). Week 2: Knute Rockne, Notre Dame, the 1920s and 30s Week 3: Bear Bryant Week 4: Paul Brown, Emergence of NFL Week 5: Raymond Berry, the 1958 NFL Championship game, changes in football in the 60’s (players bigger than the game). Week 6: Vince Lombardi, Injuries and platoon football Week 7: “The U,” The Raiders. Week 8: Tom Landry, The Dallas Cowboys and America’s team, Tranistioning from college to pro. Week 9: “God’s Coach” which is a book by Skip Effing Bayless. Week 10: The Blind Side, Concussions, open discussion.