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The leg islature authorized
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an additional $350,000,000 from the Education Trust Fund to be added to the FY 201'l appropriation for the



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State Depaftment of Education, Aid to Education via budget amendment, to * :uuuauuil vta uuugeI atllen0menl, I0 replace a General Fund reduction of the same amount made to "'" Governor's rril*rrrrl


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It's all a shell game to the p olitici ans
They move money from'one account to the other with almost no accountability. The $350 million cited above was used to close the budget deficit in the general fund in FY 2011. lt's proof that Annapolis politicians will raid the Education Trust Fund. So when they promise more money for education, they don't really mean it.




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Gambling Expansion does NOT Guarantee lncreased School Funding
"ln the past, gambling dollars paid to schools have merely oflset reductions in other state funds. This has helped balance the overall state budget, but has not increased

"As in previous years ,.. the fund will offset an equal amount of money that will revert to the general fund to be spent elsewhere, according to state analysts."
"l voted for the idea that casinos in Maryland would be one solution to continue the high standards of education in our public schools. Since the casinos have opened, money... is not going to the schools, it's not going to teachers and it's not going to students.

It's just more revenue for the Annapolis spending machine.

The money truill never reach the classroom, where it would do the most good.

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From a Baltimore Sun Editor ia 917 112
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plorrover, nothing in the law says that the state is actually required to spend more on education than it would have otheruvise. More money in the education trust fund can mean and heretofore always has that less general fund money is sent to the



schools, freeing it up for other purposes. That's what happened with the lottery keno and slots, and that's what would happen if Question 7 passes. rf 1