Group member roles

Hannah- Director
• We chose Hannah to be the director because she has previous experience in directing in our AS production. • She has been part of the backstage crew at our school drama and music productions for three years whereby she helped ensure the shows run smoothly, she also met actors there which helped her decide on what actors would be good to play certain characters in our production. Working behind the scenes at these productions helped her learn the key skills to being a director and gave her a better insight of how she could make our production look better.

Tia – camera
• We chose Tia as the camera person because she took media at GCSE and has therefore had previous experience with working with the camera and tripod. • Photography is one of her hobbies outside of school which helped her know which shots would look best for each scene, she also has previous experience with taking video’s and therefore found it easier to film our production, making our filming time shorter as she was confident when using this camera.

Leeya- editing
• We chose Leeya to be the editor as she took ICT as an Alevel, this has made her find working with technology a lot easier than others in the group, as editing involves using a mac computer which can be complicated for some people to use.

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