Civil Engineering

A Guide to Selected Resources
This is a list of selected information resources in the field of civil engineering. It is not intended to be comprehensive. Please consult a reference librarian for advice on the best sources and search strategy for your specific topic.

Guide to Information Sources in Engineering. Charles R. Lord Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 2000. Reference T10.7 .L67 2000

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Encyclopedia of Building Technology. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1988. Encyclopedia of Materials. K. H. Jurgen Buschow,, eds. New York: Elsevier, 2001. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Engineering. Sybil P. Parker, editor-in-chief New York: McGraw-Hill, 1997. McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. 9th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002. Means Illustrated Construction Dictionary. John Marchetti, ed. Kingston, MA: R. S. Means Co., 2000. VanNostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia. 8th ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1994. When Technology Fails. Detroit: Gale Research, 1994. The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction. Felicitas Kennedy New York: Wiley, 1996. Reference TH9 .E48 1988 Online via PITTCat

Reference TA9 .M35 1997 (2nd ed. Online via PITTCat) Reference Q121 .M3 2002 Reference TH9 .M4 2000

Reference Q121 .V3 1994 Reference TA169.5 .W44 1994 Reference TA9 .W44 1997

Handbooks and Manuals
ACI Manual of Concrete Practice. Detroit, MI: American Concrete Institute, 2005. Bridge Engineering Handbook. Wai-Fah Chen and Lian Duan, eds. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 1999. Reference TA439 .A358 TG145 .B85 2000

Cheremisinoff Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann.S35 2002 TA660 . editor-in-chief Boca Raton. 1997. Charlton and Thomas G. Inc. Nawy. 2003. Environmental Law Handbook. Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies. Ramachandran and J. Samuel G.. Engineer’s Cost Handbook: Tools for Managing Project Costs. 14th ed.. eds. Dekker. FL: CRC Press. Mahwah. Fluid Flow Handbook.fhwa. ed. Reference TE151 . Beaudoin Park Ridge. Richard Liew. 2002. Handbook of Analytical Techniques in Concrete Science and Technology.A75 2001 Online via PITTCat TD430 . New York: McGraw-Hill. Flood Risk Management and the American River Basin: An Evaluation. eds. 5th ed. DC: U. ed. NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers. Handbook of Corrosion Inhibitors. Y. Brockenbrough and Kenneth J.C76 2004 TA681 . FL: CRC Press. Westney. Reference HE336 . DC: Transportation Research Board.H48H54 2000 Washington. CRC Handbook of Engineering Tables. of Transportation. Chen and J. 2nd ed. DC: National Academy Press. Nicholas P. Federal Highway Administration. Theodore V. DC: Government Institutes. Roger L. S. Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook. Michael Ash and Irene Ash Endicott. Washington.H54 2003 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices http://mutcd. 2004. 2000. 2003. O’Brien. F. 2002. Washington. Dept. Handbook of Human Factors Testing and Evaluation. FL: CRC Press. Boca Raton. 1997. J.C57 2003 Reference TA151 . 2003. Committee on Flood Control Alternatives in the American River Basin Washington. Jamal Saleh New York: McGraw-Hill. Reference TA151 . Boca Raton.E473 Online via PITTCat TA357 . National Research Council. . 1997. NJ: Noyes Publications. Highway Engineering Handbook: Building and Rehabilitating the Infrastructure.C743 1997 Online via PITTCat Reference KF3775 . New York: John Wiley. 1998. Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures. S. W.74 . V. 1995.C6G85 1998 Online via PITTCat Reference TA418. Galambos. New York: M.C447 2002 Highway Capacity Manual. 2001. Richard E. 2002.The Civil Engineering Handbook. eds. NY: Synapse Information Resources. Edward G. 2nd ed.

usbr. 4th ed. Frederick S. 2000. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Inc.S73 1998 Reference TA635 . Wastewater engineering: Treatment and Reuse. Reference TA401 .al. 2000.O258 1999 Reference TA151 . Architectural Graphic Standards. 1998.S8 1996 Reference TA332 . 1999. Edward S. Merritt.S. eds. 1998. New York: McGraw-Hill. 1999. FL: CRC Press. American Society for Testing and Materials Philadelphia: ASTM. New York: McGraw-Hill.S77 1998 Online via PITTCat Online via PITTCat TD645 . 1996. eds. Heisler New York: J. et. Structural Engineering Handbook.W293 2003 Water Measurement Manual. Winston Revie. Boston: McGraw-Hill. Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations Tyler G. Boca Raton. 1998. Metcalf & Eddy. Reference TA666 . Edwin H. Waldemar Karwowski and William S. Wood Engineering and Construction Handbook. 2005. 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. Bureau of Reclamation. Faherty and Thomas G. New York: McGraw-Hill. Uhlig’s Corrosion Handbook. Reference TA151 . Harry M. U. Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers. Merritt. Boston: Kluwer Academic. ed.S77 1997 TA683. ed.The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook. 1997. Keith F. New York: Wiley.A653 Reference TH2031 . 3rd ed.H424 1998 Sanford I. et. 10th editor-in-chief 4th ed. Marras. 4th ed. Roger L. Freeman.W63 1997 Standards Annual Book of ASTM Standards. 4th ed. Structural Design Guide to the ACI Building Code. eds. 2001. Standard Handbook of Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal. Department of the Interior. New York: McGraw-Hill. eds. The Wiley Engineer’s Desk Reference: A Concise Guide for the Professional. 2nd ed.24 . Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook. http://www. New York: McGraw-Hill. R. Hoffman 4th ed. Wiley. Brockenbrough and Frederick S. TA166 . 1997.R35 2000 .S73 2005 Reference TD1032 . 3rd ed. Gaylord. 2003. Hicks.

org/ http://www. It also provides tabular and graphical data.S. earthquake engineering and related topics from 1987 to the present. Japan and Germany. Web of Science* Provides searching capability to ISI’s 3 citation indexes. Also includes some critical reports from the U. databases. Indexing coverage is from 1966 to the present. It is the electronic equivalent of the print Engineering Index. figures. Quakeline Database http://mceer. National Technical Information Service (NTIS)* The NTIS database is the core resource for accessing unclassified reports from influential U.highwayengineers. formulas.asp Produced by the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research.cfm http://www. Some links to full-text articles. and conference proceedings. Knovel Engineering and Scientific Online References* This database provides full-text access to some of the important engineering reference handbooks.aihydro. equations and definitions to terminology in the field. technical and medical information. technical reports and conference papers and proceedings. Users can search citation data looking for other journal articles which cite a known item. Indexing is from 1899 to the present. this free database indexes publications on earthquakes. linking to full-text sources.600 scholarly journals. It provides citations with abstracts to articles in over http://www. It provides indexing.asphaltinstitute. indexing more than American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) American Institute of Hydrology (AIH) American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Asphalt Institute Bureau of Transportation Statistics http://transportation. Scopus* This database focuses on* This database provides international coverage of the literature of the engineering field. cited reference searching and an alerting service.000 scholarly journals from 1992 to the present. Indexing coverage of database is 1973 to present. It provides immediate access to over citations for over 2 million critical reports from more than 240 U.Indexes *Locate under “finding Articles” by clicking “Looking for a particular database. including Science Citation Index. and international government agencies.000 journal titles. http://www.bts. Links to PDF full-text content.awra. facts. Professional and Trade Associations & Organizations Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET) http://www.” American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Electronic Journals* Provides electronic access to all ASCE publications. Indexes over .abet.. full-text coverage from http://www. government agencies. Indexing coverage is from 1970 to present. Compendex.

cerf.usace.Civil Engineering Research Foundation (CERF) Construction Specifications Institute Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Environmental & Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) Ground-water Remediation Technologies Analysis Center (GWRTAC) Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) National Bridge Research Organization (NaBRO) National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers Professional Engineering Other Useful Internet Resources Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST) Center for Sustainable Systems Civil Engineering—Virtual Library The Disaster Research Center (DRC) FreeCalc. (Site managed by NCEES) Society of Women Engineers (SWE) http://css.html .org/ State Board (Pennsylvania) of Professional Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN) http://www.state.html http://www.asp?a=1104&q=432715 Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Transportation Research Board (TRB) United States Army Corps of Engineers United States Department of Transportation (DOT) United States Geological Survey Water Resources http://www.asp http://www.pspe.engineeringlicense.trb.nspe. Land Surveyors and Geologists The Internet for Civil Engineers Internet Resources for Highway Engineering Land Surveyor Reference Page http://www.

edu/thermodex/ DR updated 7/07 .utexas.pdf This site provides online links to many PENNDOT publications.tenlinks.bts.National Transportation Library: Digital Collections http://ntl.cleanh2o. Thermodex: An Index of Selected Thermodynamic Data Handbooks Ultimate Civil Engineering Directory Wastewater Engineering Virtual Library http://www. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Publications Allows browsing and downloading of digital manuals and reference

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