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Roman Artillery

Roman Artillery

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Published by: vademecumdevally on Sep 25, 2012
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ROMAN ARTILLERY: FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW  Catapults had originally been invented by the Greeks, but the

Romans perfected them.  The catapult )shot arrows and was very accurate. The most popular type was the light Scorpio which could be mounted on a cart and transported easily.  Later, a new design called the Carroballista had an iron frame with springs encased in bronze tubes.

 The ballista was a stone- thrower which was bigger and less easily portable. Some of these threw stones the size of oranges, some could throw boulders up to 70lb in weight.

 The Onager (“wild ass”) was a later type of ballista which was very big indeed, it took eight men to wind back the arm and it lobbed heavy boulders with great force.

 How did these machines work? They used a spring torsion system where animal sinew was wound to a fiercely tight spring and then released suddenly to produce a vast amount of energy and speed.

A skeleton found in Britain with a Roman arrowhead between its vertebrae.

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