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Published by: Julia Garces on Sep 25, 2012
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I. Introduction
Part of every man‟s childhood is a story or two from the famous and well-loved “Alice‟s Adventures in Wonderland”, simply known as “Alice in Wonderland”. But what most of the world does not know is that the man behind this fantasy masterpiece has a story quite similar to that of the novel—interestingly mysterious. Born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson at Cheshire, Oxford, the elusive mathematician, photographer and author has been the subject of fascination for the past hundred years. The destruction of his many personal documents after his death was an almost unfortunate circumstance to those who know him as a man of many talents. But years later, parts of the files have been traced and it proved to be also a very interesting find. “Sir Carroll Lewis, a pedophile?” “Sir Carroll Lewis, a drug addict?” “Sir Carroll Lewis, a drunkard?” “Sir Carroll Lewis, a paramour?” If these questions were true, then Alice, one of literature‟s most celebrated characters, whom Carroll had created, also remains shrouded with mystery and might not be just a bedtime story for kids. Now, who is Carroll Lewis deep down his rabbit hole?

In addition to that. Was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson a pedophile? c. Was “Alice in Wonderland” just a typical children‟s bedtime story? f. One of the most massive is the „Carroll Lewis riddle‟.Page |2 II. How did his “vices” affect his works? III. one could be familiar with the life of an author and how it could affect his literary career. and to untangle it is the primary desire of this research paper. Statement of the Problem This research paper seeks to unravel the mysteries behind the following questions: a. Was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson a drunkard? e. Was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under drug abuse? d. this paper could aid in the awareness of some „shocking‟ information relevant to some of the world‟s most renowned pieces. The knowledge that could be acquired from the collection of related materials can greatly heighten the understanding in the form of literature and the way of living in that era of England. Also. from the biggest lies to the smallest secrets. Who was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson of Old England? b. Importance of the Study The vast field of literature covers almost everything. for high school students. .

Life with painkillers .Life with a wife .Life with alcohol  Inside Wonderland . Scope and Limitations This research paper shall cover the following topics:  Carroll Lewis: As We Know Him -Life as a child -Life as a professor -Life as „Carroll Lewis‟  Carroll Lewis: As a Lover .Life with the Liddells  Carroll Lewis: As a drug addict and drunkard .Page |3 IV.

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