Lecture 11 – 21 st September 2012 Art Nouveau Gustav Klimt Klimt Adele Bosch-Bauer’s portrait oil and golden

and silver foil on canvas – 1907 Importance of the Art Market: -base value – buying a piece of art as a means of investment – also buy it as a product the value of which would escalate – regulated market – galleries set a price when auctioning – depending on the kind of demand present – research done – base price and unless the market is in slump, not willing to sell it at a loss Cubism : It was co-founded by Picasso and Georges Braque. Picasso’s works shows that he was not interested in decoration. He integrated geometric structures. Man with a hat is an example of synthetic. Dadaism: Marcel Duchamp Dada is a French for hobby-horse. Movement often called nihilistic, it is marked by a sense of irreverence for values and traditions of civilizations – lasted during the WW I. lasted only for 6 years- an everlasting impact on future course of art Surrealism Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Joan Milo Ironically, a method in its madness – Duchamp was not crazy but his impulse was genuine – He was trying it out in such a way that rejection becomes fruitful – Max Ernst, Milo started their separate works

was a small painting. Photorealism – acrylic on canvas – threatened to replace oil as a favorite medium – an artist who pays his friends – he paints the portrait . Soft construction with the boiled beans is his another work. Automatism – compositions are not premeditated – let the painting create itself – just gets discovered – this is what psychic automatism is. Vision that is not real but surreal. He had no political or social concern in the manifesto.Salvador Dali Construction of time.

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