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Assignment 4

Assignment 4

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Published by: Smarajit Mukherjee on Sep 25, 2012
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Assignment # 4 (Due Thursday: September 20


Problems 3.8 and 3.12 from the textbook Additional problem: In the schematic shown below, a pipe with a diameter of 1.3 cm and length of 25 cm is connected to a large reservoir through a converging nozzle. During the operation, pressure and temperature within the reservoir remain constant at 1 MPa and 600 K A t t t MP d K. Assuming i t i fl th i isentropic flow through the nozzle and h th l d adiabatic flow through the pipe, determine the flow rate through the system. The ambient pressure is 101 kPa and the Fanning friction factor in the pipe is 0.00575.

Prof. Samimy/ME 701-Gas Dynamics

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