Engaged learner energized by learning
 

They derive excitement and pleasure from learning. Learning is its own motivator and results in lifelong passion for solving problems, understanding, and taking the next step in their thinking and activities.

Typically value diversity and multiple perspective.4. Understands that learning is social. Engaged learners are collaborative They value others and work with them skilfully Collaborative learners: 1. . 2. Have an ability to identify the strengths of others . 3. that they must be able to articulate their ideas to others and must have empathy.

Challenging task are typically complex and involve sustained amounts of time. It blends disciplines into thematic pursuits. integrated instructions. usually in a form of projects. Multidisciplinary works requires wholly . requires students to stretch their thinking. Task are Authentic when they are important to learners and use their knowledge of the subject matter in much the same way that real-life practitioners use that knowledge. social skills.In engaged learning task are AUTHENTIC CHALLENGING and MULTI-DISCIPLINARY.

perform in some way. projects or investigations. and debriefings about what students learned. presentations. SEAMLESS AND ONGOING. products. development over time. Performance based assessment  MEANINGFUL. . and debriefings are all instruction at the same time that they are assessment. presentations. organize events such as conferences. GENERATIVE. challenging experiences that involve planning. plan. standards and criteria. create artistic works. students construct their knowledge and develop real products and services.Student demonstrates their knowledge and skills in authentic task. performances.

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