What I believe in - The tenets that govern my work & life

1. I believe a company should be all about character, values and integrity. 2. I can tolerate mistakes, but I don’t tolerate repeating them. 3. I believe in growth and vitality it is the oxygen that feeds our soul and spirit. 4. I dig for burried treasure. 5. I believe the secrets of success don’t work unless we do. 6. I do not believe that good is the same as great. I believe in great. 7. I believe consistent hard work is the yeast that raises the dough. 8. I may not always have the perfect solution immediately, but I am certain WE will find it. 9. I believe invincible commitment can achieve magical results. 10. I am convinced the harder you work, the luckier you get. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. 11. I challenge everything, and assume nothing. 12. I am not afraid to think beyond my boldest dreams - because if you can conceive it, you can achieve it too. 13. I have a low tolerance for shoddiness in anything. 14. I believe in miracles. 15. I am certain that no one remembers who came in second. 16. I think style adds luster to our work and invigorates us. 17. I believe that when I take on an assignment, I become an unrestrected partner in OUR mission. 18. I have an abhorrence with status quo. I have an undisciplined enthusiasm for putting new ideas in confrontation with the old. 19. I know that energy and enthusiasm are contagious. 20. I know you never lose until you quit trying. 21. I do not make promises I can’t keep. 22. I believe in soaring standards. 23. I do not settle for better when best is within reach. 24. I love challenges - it makes me stand on tip – toes. 25. I believe in ideals. 26. I have a striking commitment to working long and arduous hours to achieve mighty objectives. 27. I think life and work outght to be fun. 28. I believe in audacious dreams. 29. I light fires. 30. I believe big is okay - if you keep your principles and quality. 31. I explore every small opening that may lead to new opportinities. 32. I believe creativity, talent, and experience will win.


Doru Vârlan