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Vision of Learning Indicators -Slide 9-12

Vision of Learning Indicators -Slide 9-12

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Published by: Taguig Ü Ccity on Sep 27, 2012
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The most powerful instruction is interactive and generative.

INTERACTIVE INSTRUCTION- actively engages the learner with
the resources and learning context to construct new knowledge and skills.

GENERATIVE INSTRUCTION- brings learners with different
perspective together to produce shared understandings; learning occurs as the result of interactions among the learner, the teacher, and others.

G ENERATIVE A PPROACHES Socratic dialogue  Individual and group summarizing  Mechanism for exploring multiple and differing perspectives  Techniques for building upon prior knowledge  Brainstorming  Debriefing  General and content-specific problem-solving process  Team teaching  Techniques for constructing mental models and graphic reprenstations  .

Classrooms that fosters engaged learning let students learn collaboratively. Such communities create emphatic learning environments that build on diversity and many perspectives. These feature are especially important in classrooms where there are marked differences in students prior knowledge. They are knowledgebuilding learning communities. .

The atmosphere should facilitate the exploration of meaning. Learners must feel safe and accepted. 2. 3.Effective learning situation in the Classroom 1. The new meaning should be acquired through a process of personal discovery. Learners must be given frequent opportunities to confront new information and experiences in the search for meaning. .

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