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Follow the map and the numbers! Drive safely and have great time.

Dont forget to stop in and see Skunks Misery. The largest tract of Carolinian forest in Southwestern Ontario

30 pieces of rural art created by the proud residents of Wardsville Ontario. The barn quilt blocks tell a tale to honour the founder of their village, George Ward and his wife Margaret. June 2010
Thank-you to Heritage Canada


Wardsville Barn Quilt Names and Short Story

1. Double Irish Chain 2. The Cross 3. Old Country Church 4. Church Window 5. Soldier 6. Ship at Sea 7. Union Jack 8. Quebec 9. Compass 10.Crossed Canoes 11.Wagon Tracks 12.Woodland Path 13.Salutes to Colours 14.Twisted Rope 15.Victory 16.Carpenters Square 17.Wards Inn 18.Irish Tree of Life

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19. Farmers Wife 20.Corn, Beans & Wheat 21.Water Wheel 22.Grist Mill 23.Turkey Tracks 24.Fish 25.Apple Tree 26.Indian Paintbrush 27.Rising Sun 28.Tombstone 29.Path to Peace 30. Centennial Maple

Double Irish Chain George Ward was born in Ireland,1742. He lived his life by The Cross Old Country Church with stained glass Church Windows. fighting for the Union Jack

and worshiped in an

He grew up a strong and mighty Soldier in the 1776 Battle of Trois Rivires Quebec. and Crossed Canoes. He made

sailing to Lower Canada by Ship at Sea

In 1810 he travelled to Wards Landing on the Thames River using Compass Wagon Tracks on a Woodland Path called Longwoods Road.

Loyal to Britain, he Salutes to Colours.

When the War of 1812 broke out, Ward supplied the British and fought in the Battle of the Longwoods. Tortured by the enemy to extract information, he was hung by his neck with Twisted Rope. Ward used a Carpenters Square Farmers Wife to build Wards Inn. The war ended in 1814 with Victory The Irish Tree of Life for the British. symbolizes the

Margaret and their 5 children. The Wards grew Corn, Beans & Wheat Following Turkey Tracks

building a Water Wheel and fruit from the

that turned a Grist Mill. orchard Apple Tree. Indian Paintbrush. Historical Cemetery.

they ate Bounty from the Thames Fish

The Ward Family had a deep friendship with the Moravian of the Thames, Delaware Nation Ward lived and died by the Rising Sun and his Tombstone is in the Wardsville

George and Margaret Ward believed in the Path to Peace

which led to Confederation and a deep

alliance with the United States and a true North, strong and free. Centennial Maple