The Serbs have been victims many ti1n5 this centmy.

The Ustashe Nazi puppet state in wartime
Croatia had promised to kill, deport or convert to Catholicism the Serbs in Croatian territory.
Because Serb partisans were particularly active in the Prijedor area, which borders Croatia, it
was the scene of some of the worst ]dllings of Serbs, Serb children. The Get1nan ArJny
Among those in the Geranan Army in the ICozara Mountains at that ti•ne was
Kurt Waldheim, which does not Serb confidence in the United Natio . The Ustashe
concentration camp of Jasenovac is an hour's drive from Prijedor. Tens of thousands or
hundreds of thousands of Serbs, depending on who does the counting, were murdered there.
Many were ldDed with a bmtality later to be echoed in Omarska. 1his is not a coincidence.