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Bit my wife has chosen herbs, spices, and flowers. | don mix in because it her project, and | do get something out of it, so wshy cause a. commotion? Maybe next year there'll be more vegetables onions that | can ‘on cheese and tomate sandwiches, potatoes that I can fry ca ‘And, man, even though si Yeah, or corn. Man, wouldnt! love to bust off an ear of corn, go into the house, boil it, and sprinkle some salt and butter on it? Thatd make me feel like Orville Redembacher: So-then, with the agricultural works done, loften go listen to the Diane Rehm shows. Diane is ne pushover. IF someone says something she 4hinkts is dumb, she gets right in their face and asks forclarification, ‘Ten Sorry, Senator but your remarks dort add [IY vp. How C4 yousay 7.4 ‘And,mman, even though she was 72 the last time | heard, shes shill veryatiractive, Somebody pulled my coat f tha Also, in the morning | iry 40 work on various writ “wanna See her picture ‘on the Internet 2 Yeah, Sure, iF youve got the hme. op in ge mysele * realy roe fr ‘people in their seventies. Right now in doing a book on how \ changed my mind about Israel, a survey of Yiddish fiction writing, ‘the piece ln working on about Cleveland, and an article about guitarist Shaun lane. Harvey Pefar’s Cleveland ® & ™ 20/2 Harvey Petar and Joseph Re CoPublished by: Zip Comics Top Shelf Productions 237 Griffen Avenue PO Box (282 Scarsdale, NY 10583 Marietta, GA 30061-1282 No part of this publication may be reproduced uithout permission, except For small excerpts For purposes of review. First Printing, February 202. Printed in Chine, uww.zipcomiccom ISBN: 978-1-60309-O9-9 Autobiography /Harvey Pekar 2. Hstory/Cleveland, Ohio 3. Graphic Novels Cover design by Joseph Remment and Chris Ross Book design by Chris Ross

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