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Yogi and Avayogi

Yogi and Avayogi

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Published by Sunilkumar Dubey
Jyotish Shastra, Yogi Avayogi
Jyotish Shastra, Yogi Avayogi

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Published by: Sunilkumar Dubey on Sep 27, 2012
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Yogi and Avayogi

Yogi and Avayogi are terms that are little known to astrology students. They are not very important but there is no harm in being acquainted with these words. But they are not of much help in making predictions. These terms are of some relevance only in Muhurta matters. The difference between the positions of the Moon and Sun gives Tithi or lunar day. If this difference is less than 180°, the lunar day comes under Krishna Paksha or dark half of the fortnight. There are 30 Tithis in a lunar month. The sum of the longitude of the Sun and Moon gives Yoga. There are 27 Yogas in all. The first yoga is at 93°:20’ ruled by Pushya Nakshtra and is called Vishkambha. The ruler of the Nakshtra in which the Yoga falls is the ruler of the Yoga. Therefore, the ruler of Vishkambha is Saturn. For calculating Yoga, the formula is 3 Signs + 3°:20’ + Sun + Mars = Yoga = x° x° counted from 0° Aries gives the exact position of the Yoga.

Let me explain with an example Sun = 64°:34’ Moon = 159°:36’ Tithi = Moon – Sun = 159°:36’ – 64°:34’ = 95°:02’ Dividing 95°:02’ by 12, we get 7 as quotient and 11°:02’ remainder. The Tithi is the 8 th or Ashtami in Sukla Paksha.

Yoga = Sun + Moon + 3 Signs 3°:20’ = 64°:34’ + 159°:36’ + 93°:20’ = 317°:30’ = 17°:30’ Aquarius The Nakshtra is Satabhisha whose lord is Rahu. Counting from Vishkambha or the 1st Yoga, the Yoga is Vyatipata. The Nakshtra ruler is Rahu and so Rahu becomes the Yogi.

The lord of the Rasi containing the Yoga point also becomes the next Yoga planet or secondary Yogi. The sign being Aquarius, the secondary Yogi is Saturn. For every defined planet as a Yogi, there is an opposite or adverse point called Avayogi as shown in the table.

Yogi Sun Moon Mars Mercury Rahu Jupiter Saturn Ketu Venus

Avayogi Saturn Mercury Ketu Mars Venus Sun Moon Rahu Jupiter

Therefore, in our example, Rahu is the Yogi and Venus is the Avayogi. All the planets are classed into 3 groups as follows: a) Ketu – Moon – Jupiter b) Venus – Mars – Saturn c) Sun – Rahu – Mercury The planets in each group are mutual friends and if one of them is a Yogi, the other two of the group also imbibe the Yoga characteristics. Such planets are called duplicate Yogis.

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