Creole buffet - restaurant Would you like a truly unforgettable experience to remind you of your visit to Peru?

A visit to a Creole buffet may stay with you for a long time! The Creole buffet is an exotic restaurant in a trendy location. Waiters dressed very elegant and they are so considerate with the costumers because they explain to you all the different activities that they provide you, like a karaoke side or the photo side. You can sing creole music or you can enjoy creole music. Also, there is on the walls pictures of Creole dancers with the name and description of the dance they've interpreted. There is a big table in the corner full of clay pots with Creole food. There is all kind of Creole dishes, more than fifty choices and the decoration is so beautiful. It’s like a themed restaurant which represents the creole culture. There are unusual dishes that you may never heard before, but it’s worth tasted. The flavor of each dish is different. The special feature of this restaurant is that the waiters can recommend you which is the first choice you might take, or if the dish is salty or sweet. Another feature is the impressive speed of service, which is better than many similar buffet-restaurants in town. When clay pots get out of food, they immediately removed the empty one and they place a full food clay. The karaoke side is in the third floor and in the second floor you can enjoy creole music. A very impressive feature is the fact that the noise between the first, second and third floor is not a problem, you may prefer to stay in the first floor enjoying the pictures and you’d never hear the noise of the second or third floor and so on it's the same in the second and third floor. The Creole restaurant is not typical of Peru, but it is the kind of starling experience that you may expect in this city. I’d recommend it just to experience a different way of enjoying food!

Hector Hugo Oscanoa Fernandez

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