Carle Jackson, as a Governor appointee and one of Louisiana's top law enforcement individuals, is a member of the Royal Order

of Jesters and, as such, is part of a group under investigation by the FBI for sex trafficking and child sex tourism. The implications are that since he's sworn to protect his brothers above all else, he could be doing so by informing them of information available to him through official law enforcement channels. I have emailed Jackson twice since last October, asking him about disclosing his Jester membership and if he's committed to investigating such corruption in Louisiana as three members of the Jester court in New Orleans went on a fishing trip to Brazil organized by a man indicted by the Brazilian federal police for child sex crimes and prostitution, but he's not answered me. Links for Carle Jackson are: Membership to SEARCH Group, appointed by Governor Jindal

Louisiana Sentencing Commission
Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Training Task Force National Association of Sentencing Commissions
Staff Louisiana Law Enforcement Commission

Googling as Carle Jackson’s email addy on ROJ list links to: Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Louisiana Representatives The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of LOUISIANA Representatives

DIRECTORS, DIRECTORS EMERITI, PAST PRESIDENTS (updated 06-20-08) Shrine Directors St. Albans Lodge # 28, F & AM Jackson, Louisiana Vol. 2, No. 1 Quarterly Newsletter
Jan - Mar, 2007 St. Albans Lodge # 28, F & AM Jackson, Louisiana Vol. 1, No. 4 Quarterly Newsletter
Oct - Dec, 2006 Louisiana Masonic E-mail Addresses (OLD LIST) Some of these sites have pictures of Jackson that correlate to pictures of him in news articles as spokesman for Louisiana law enforcement.

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