INFORMATION for LEED Commissioning 1. General Information 1. Name of the Project 2. Location 3. Name of Contact Person 4. Tel No. 5.

Email ID 2. Details of the Project SN Description Units Data Parnas Tower Seoul, Korea Haseung Choi +822) 709-4682

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Total Built Up Area Total Air Conditioned Area No. of Floors No. of Wings in Bldg. No. of Basements Total Air-Conditioned Load No. of Chillers No. of AHUs ( Air Handling Units) Heat Recovery System

Sq. ft. Sq. ft. Nos Nos Nos TR Nos Nos Yes/No

923,000 sf 654,000 sf 40 N/A 8

2 40 Yes (Chiller and Ventilation Uses)

10 11 12

Solar Water heating System Variable air volume (VAV) boxes BMS system

Yes/No Nos Yes/No


No (Conventional Building Automation System is included)

13 14

Project completion period Current construction status


48 Design (CD)


Certifying Agency 2. Target Rating 5. Status of Certification Process USGBC LEED – Core &Shell Yes/ No Platinum/Gold/Silver/Certified Platinum/Gold/Silver/Certified 1. Feasibility Score 4. Status of Design Particulars Building envelope Lighting system HVAC System Water management system Building management system Design Complete Y (CD50%) Y (CD50%) Y (CD50%) Y (CD50%) Y/N Simulation Done Y (DD100%) Y (DD100%) Y (DD100%) Y/N Y/N 2 .3. Feasibility study carried out 4. Category 3.