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Flyer - Youth Council Event 9-1.29.12

Flyer - Youth Council Event 9-1.29.12

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Published by: iSpit on Sep 28, 2012
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llnley 8ecreaLlon CenLer
1000 LasL PorLLer SLreeL
(corner of Mansfleld and upsal SLreeLs)


ConLlnenLal 8reakfasL & Lunch wlll be provlded!

CeL your chlld slgned up for back Lo school and weekend programs!

lnLeracLlve uevelopmenL Workshops!

lree School Supplles!
come eotly to teqlstet to eosote yoo tecelve yoot scbool sopplles. kesootces ote llmlteJ!!!
*Most otteoJ eotlte eveot to tecelve scbool sopplles.

Speclal CuesL appearances by SLaLe 8epresenLaLlve Cherelle Þarker,
SLaLe 8epresenLaLlve uwlghL Lvans and Councllwoman Marlan 1asco

lor more lnformaLlon, please conLacL lellcla Parrls aL (213) 341-1441 msfellcla[phlllyglrlLalk.com or 8rlLney
norman aL (213) 620-4881 brlLneynorman[gmall.com

lellcla Parrls 8rlLney norman
Co-Chalr Co-Chalr

1be lloley kecteotloo ceotet ¥ootb AJvlsoty cooocll wlll be o coolltloo of yoooq people ftom octoss Nottbwest lblloJelpblo wbose mlssloo ls to
oJJtess tbose oeeJs - vloleoce, ocoJemlc ooJ beoltb eJocotloo, cleooet eovltoomeots ooJ self-empowetmeot. 1be membets of tbe cooocll wlll be
yoooq leoJets ooJ soclol cbooqe oqeots tbot seek to lmplemeot loltlotlves, os well os soppott ooJ estobllsb ptoqtoms to combot tbese lssoes.

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