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• The objective of doing Dawa is to please
• Total obedience to what Allah desires you to
• It is not for you to shine. It is helping others.
• You should listen more that you speak.
• Do not fix something that is not broken.
• Give room for your audience to move.
1. The Objective of
Doing Dawa is to
please Allah
 Our objective is to purify our
intention to please Allah.
 Everybody shall setback &
examine his intention regularly.
 The conflict happening between
Daee & organizations, between
Daee & officials all still from this
2. Total Obedience To
What Allah Desires
You To Do
 Examine what are you saying to
people. It is very dangerous to
say and to Allah what is not true.
 It is very important to learn
english communication skills & to
use accurate words in order to
convey the correct message.
3. It Is Not For You To
Shine. It is Helping
 It is not for the Daee to put people down.
But to help these people.
 You have to be kind, nice and having a
great manners. By having those
characteristics, you make Dawa before
even you speak.
 Learn how to be kind & merciful, to
excuse others. You are there to help not
to Oppress.
4. You should Listen
More Than You Speak
 The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
always listen to his companions
first and then he says:' Are you
through? After that, he speaks.
 Be prepared to listen than to
5. Do Not Fix
Something That Is Not
 You have to determine what your
audience needs and from which corner
they come, and upon that decide what to
 Diagnoses before solution. Ask them and
then speak.
 Determine what is broken and
concentrate on this part.
6. Give Room For Your
Audience To Move
 Don’t try to corner them, allow them
some room because if you don’t, they will
take it as that you want to oppress and
force them by throwing your stuff to
7. Do Not Expect
People To Change
 You do you job of Dawa and step-
back and leave some room to
digest the stuff.
 Some people will respond or
change to your saying after days,
months or years.
8. Only Cover The
Portion That Your
Audience needs
 It is not true that you have in one
sitting to cover the whole stuff. Only
cover the portion that you think it
sufficient to occupy your audience
mind for a while.