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A Real Choice for Maryland Despite the economic crisis, politicians in Washington are focused on pursuing narrow partisan

n agendas. We need serious work to x our economy and create more jobs. Time is running out. Rob Sobhani is a successful entrepreneur -- hes operated a successful business for more than 30 years. Hes created jobs. He knows what makes our economy tick and how to get it moving again. Rob Sobhani will ght for ... Budget reforms that reduce spending, balance the budget and put our federal government on track to pay off the national debt in 20 years or less. Tax reform that simplies our tax code while making it fairer, lower and encourages business growth and job creation Regulation reform that frees businesses to create the jobs our people need An energy plan that disentangles our need for energy from our foreign policy and moves America toward energy independence Private investment that will jump start Marylands economy Rob believes that xing our economy is jobs 1. Hes pro-choice and supports gay rights, but whatever your position, if these issues are more important to you than restoring Americas economy, Robs not your candidate. Rob Sobhani is as frustrated as you by politicians who make empty promises at election time, but refuse to be held accountable any of the time. Hell do what he promises, or he wont run for re-election. Heres three of them. Bring $2 billion in private investment to Maryland to create well-paying jobs by building our roads and bridges within one year of my election or resign Bring $150 million in private funds to provide internships for every Maryland high school senior whose family makes less than $20,000 per year within one year of my election or resign. Bring $500 million in private investment to Maryland for medical research. Rob is the only serious alternative to Ben Cardin. The Republican candidate cant mount a serious campaign against Cardin. Cardin has over $2 million in the bank for his campaign, the Republican has less than $50,000. We can elect a new Senator, but we need a new approach to do it. Sacricial Republican candidates wont get the job done.

If you agree that voters should have a real choice this fall, then sign a petition to help put Rob Sobhanis name on the ballot. Finally, we can give MD voters a real choice in who they send to represent them in Washington.