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Monday -10/1 Language Read 20 minutes Drafts Arts for thinking journal cover Schoolcraft (@least 2) Cosgrove

Tuesday - 10/2 Read 20 mins FINAL DRAFT for thinking journal cover due Evidence of VOC #2 preparation

Wednesday - 10/3

Thursday - 10/4

Friday - 10/5 Read 20 minutes and provide evidence by updating goal thermometer, book tracker, someday list Rational # x and / check up 2

Read 20 mins Organized VOC #2 Test (Evidence of reader's notebook, study) Read 20 mins thinking journal, planner 10min write reflection

Math Beymer

ACE: E-59 or 3.2 ws

ACE: 3.11 ms or PA-22

ACE: PA-36 or A-15

ACE: C-55 or pg. 40/ C-61

C-67 or pg. 36

Pre-Algebra Berreth

20 E-59 worksheet or 3.2 #22 sheet or 3.11 ( have pink#15 sheet or #36 on Woksheet Green #40 (in journal) or do #36 (work on sheet) your work in journal for other side - having work having work on write C-55 (on sheet) or c-67 (work in journal) 3.11 ) on your sheet is fine worksheet is okay.

Algebra Berreth Social Studies Nguyen Social Studies Beymer Social Studies Dickinson Social Studies Mueller Science Bailey

# 31, 32 in journal

Green in journal (36+38)

3.4 (in journal)

White 41 in journal

Gold (#42) in journal

No homework (see Friday if you think you may have homwork) Section 2 continued Study for section 1 quiz

no homework!

no homework!

Finish internet research/packet notes if they aren't finished

bring in any necessary materials needed for your presentations Section 3 Vocabulary Notes

Byzantine Test

Section 2 RAVE p 20 (3.19) Chapter 1 assessment Presidential debate packet

no homework

No homework

Section 4 quiz Organize notes Currrent events summary due Begin note taking on "Pillar" Conclusion (talk) VHS "Galileo Challenge of Reason"

Presidential debate Finish Africa maps start packet africa prech. 2 packet (p. 32) assessment africa maps All research on pillar done Day 2 compbook check "where does light come from?"

LT: Scim to find new vocabulary Chapter 1 Section 2 vocab

Internet Research

no homework

No homework

Lesson 2 "Where does light come from?" 2.2 how is light produced?

Smart trips- Mrs. Wert "mapping" (day 2)

Science Mueller

Map activity

LT: Explain the size and LT: Describe images Use a ray diagram to location of shadows. 5.3 produced by a "pinhole" explain how images form obseration, relections for camera. Lesson 4+5 Quiz, in a pinhole camera INQ lesson 5 6.1 procedure 6.2

LT: Same as yesterday. Complete inquiry 6.2