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Spirituality at the Movies

Autumn 2012 Dates and times: 4:30 pm-7:30 pm; Wednesday October 10th, Monday October 15, Wednesday October 31st Location: Aquinas House Instructors: Edward Bradley, Emeritus Professor of the Classics Department and James Heffernan, Emeritus Professor of the English Department Teaching Assistant: Peter Blair '12 Description: This course will center around the showing of three cinematic masterpieces with serious spiritual concerns: Of Gods and Men (2010, winner of the Cannes Grand Prix, the Lumire Award and the Csar Award for Best Film); Tree of Life (2011, winner of the Cannes Palme d'Or), and The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). Each movie will be preceded by a short introductory lecture by Profs. Bradley and Heffernan, and will be followed a free pizza dinner and discussion, for those students who have the time and interest to stay (not required). Each movie is paired with readings that will help the students to better understand and appreciate the film, but they are also not required. Class Schedule:
Week Movie Instructor Profs. Bradley and Heffernan Profs. Bradley and Heffernan Profs. Bradley and Heffernan Voluntary Readings

Wednesday, October Of Gods and Men (122 10th minutes) Monday, October 15th Tree of Life (139 minutes) Wednesday, October The Passion of Joan of 31st Arc (110 minutes)

The Book of Job and the Book of Revelation

The Trial of Joan of Arc, trans. Daniel Hobbins Joan of Arc: La Pucelle, trans. and annotated by Craig Taylor.

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