Eclipse Shortcuts

Shortcut File Navigation CTRL SHIFT R CTRL E CTRL PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN ALT <- or ALT -> Java Editing CTRL SPACE CTRL SHIFT F CTRL O CTRL SHIFT O CTRL SHIFT U CTRL / F3 F4 CTRL T SHIFT F2 ALT SHIFT Z General Editing F12 CTRL L CTRL D CTRL <- or -> CTRL M CTRL SHIFT P Debug, Run CTRL . or , F5 F6 F8 CTRL Q CTRL F11 CTRL 1 Search CTRL SHIFT G CTRL H Description Open a resource Open a file (editor) from within the list of all open files Navigate to previous or next file from within the list of all open files Go to previous or next edit positions from editor history list Type assist Format code List all methods of the class Organize imports Find reference in file Comment a line Go to the declaration of the variable Show type hierarchy of on a class Show inheritance tree of current token Show Javadoc for current element Enclose block in try-catch Focus on current editor Go to line number Delete a line Move one element left or right Maximize editor Go to the matching parenthesis Navigate to next or previous error Step into Step over Resume Inspect Run last run program Quick fix code Search for current cursor positioned word reference in workspace Java search in workspace

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