I have been on dialysis treatment for more than four years now, but why do I deserve to have the

GOVERNOR ROQUE B. ABLAN, SR. LAW SCHOLARSHIP FOR YOUNG ILOCANO LEADERS? My passion for leadership and service for others never died down even when I got sick. My works and achievements as a young Ilocano leader will testify for me. As I always say, “my body cannot imprison my spirit in doing what I must do”. And for that I continue inspiring others that whatever circumstances they have, it’s not an excuse in doing what they must do. My illness was never an excused to fulfill my duty as the Editor-in-Chief of our school publication in Divine word College of Laoag S.Y. 2009-2010; as the Central Student Council President S.Y. 2010-2011, and as the DWCL Debate Society President SY 2008-2011. My God-given desire for leadership and service for others will continue as long as I live. That’s my covenant with God. When I got sick, my fire of passion for leadership burnt more because I have accepted the principle of living my life to the fullest and living for others. We never know when will be our last day. I want to become a lawyer because I want to have the knowledge to determine whether or not justice is properly administered. I know that being a lawyer one day cannot change the whole system but can contribute for a better change. I may be poor and sick with kidney failure but I still have hands that can work; feet that can walk; mouth that can speak for others; brain that can think; eyes to see the truth; and a heart to serve others. My desire to contribute for a change as a lawyer one day and my passion for leadership will continue to inspire others and the possibility of realizing more this dream is in the hands of GOVERNOR ROQUE B. ABLAN, SR. LAW SCHOLARSHIP FOR YOUNG ILOCANO LEADERS. With God’s grace and for His glory, I will make you proud as a young Ilocano Leader. -Jaime A. Lao, Jr.

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