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A CD Digipak is a modern, stylish alternative to the standard CD case. CD Digipaks are a custom printed card packaging that can hold one or more CDs which are held in place with plastic trays which are glued into the digipak. CD DigiPacks are especially popular in the music industry for CD albums as well as multiple CD disc sets. CD Digipaks give a product an expensive professional look and feel especially when well-designed CD artwork relevant to the content of the CD is combined with clever use of specialist print such as embossing, embedding or specific types of lamination. CD Digipacks are made out of card stock (with recycled card options available). The most common CD Digipaks is the 4 panel Digipak which opens like a book. However 6 panel CD Dipipaks are also very popular, providing a larger canvas for CD artwork and text information about the CD. There are also Digipaks that exceed onto 8 10 panels.

Beyonce has made a digipak for I Am Tour, True Star, 4 They all feature live performances and CDs of the songs for that album.
It gives information on the producers and directors of the music video Tracks and background. They look nice, and many bands and labels like to use them for specific reasons. The three section digipack sleeves opens up more design options which contains images or other relevant symbols they want the audience to be aware about e.g. meaning of tracks or artist style. However, using digipack is more expensive than traditional liner notes and jewel cases. Digipacks looks great so it therefore attracts the audience attention, through its use of colours and images that are relevant to the election.