STORIES OF ANIMALS BEING KILLED FOR MEAT This man, Bruce Wieland, grew up on a farm in South Texas, and

his father made h im watch baby pigs being killed. "They were only three or four months old, nowhere near full grown. i was struck by how evident their different personalities were. Some were playing, running around in circles. They would press against one another...Two or three stood pe rfectlly still, watching my father's every move as though they were aware that s omething was different this morning. "Most of them, though, thinking they were about to be fed, gathered around my fa ther, who looked them over carefully, then pointed to one of the pigs who was nu zzling his leg for food, and said, I think this is the one we want. Using the barrel of the rifle, he gently tapped the pig on the shoulders, guidin g him away from the other pigs....To me, the pig seemed to think this was some k ind of game he was eager to play...My father .,.,. made sure i was watching, the n he.....moved the nuzzle of the gun to the back of the pig's head. The pig til ted his head slightly and looked up at me. He gave a little grunt. My father p ulled the trigger" ...He had been alive and happy and walking around with his friends, thinking he was getting something to eat. And now he was dead with his head blown open" "It never got easier to watch. Pigs are intelligent, highly social animals with personalities as complex and un ique as any dog or cat's. But that doesnt stop us from killing 115 million ever y year. "If killing animals for food is necessary and right, then why in my heart and so ul does it feel so deeply wrong?" "I stopped eating meat when i was 24. my only regret is that i didnt do it soon er.. it was effortless. i was ready. i had been ready since i was 5."

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