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Thought Power by Sry Swami Sivananda

Thought Power by Sry Swami Sivananda

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Published by: vmegan on Jan 18, 2009
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Thoughts generally flow with ease towards external objects. The mind can very easily
think of worldly objects. It is its Svabhava.

Mental force can easily flow in the old grooves and avenues of mundane thoughts. It finds
it extremely difficult to think of God. It is an uphill work for a Samsaric mind of Vyavahara.

The difficulty in weaning the mind from worldly thoughts, from external objects, and
fixing it on God is the same as in making the Ganga flow towards Gangotri instead of its natural
flow towards Ganga-Sagar. It is like rowing against the current of the Yamuna.

Still, through strenuous efforts and Tyaga it must be trained to flow towards God, much
against its will, if you want to free yourself from birth and death. There is no other go if you want
to escape from worldly miseries and tribulations.

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