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Taoist Secrets of Love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

Taoist Secrets of Love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy


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Published by: stephenspw on Jan 18, 2009
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The next method of increasing male sexual potency is a variation of
the Male Deer Exercise, called Stoking the Golden Stove. To per-
form this exercise stand in a slight horse posture, or sit on the edge
of a chair so the scrotum overhangs the edge of the chair. Op-
tionally it may be performed lying down on the right side with the
right leg extended straight and left beg bent at the knee leaving the
testicles hanging freely. The left arm may be resting on a cushion,
and the right hand supports the head with the thumb and fingers
surrounding the ear.


Hold the scrotum & rub the cauldron
This stimulates hormone & sperm
production to heal impotency

Exercises To Increase Male Potency


To perform the exercise, rub the palms of the hands together
until they are hot. With one hand, cup the scrotum, with the other
hand, rub the lower abdomen (Tan Tien) back and forth for at least
100-300 times*As you rubbing the lower fanteu inhale and contract
the anus, perineum, and buttock muscles. Hold the breath and
contractions for as long as you can. Try to conduct the energy
generated up the spine to the brain, then down the front of the body
to tte navel again. After a time you can switch hands and use the
other hand to perform the rubbing. If you have been lying down
doing the exercise switch to the other side.


This exercise is a variation of Warming the Stove and is simply
called massaging the Field of Pills. To perform it the man briskly
rubs his palms together until hot, with one hand pressing firmly
against the base of the thigh at groin level and with the other hand
pressing hard against the Tan Tien. The man begins to rub with the
hand pressing the root of the thigh from the right thigh to the root of
the left thigh, then massage the Tan Tien area. The hands should
not touch or press against the genitals. Rub each area a total of 36
times in the above sequence. When you rub the Tan Tien area, the
force of the massage stould make the penis lift up and move. This
shows that energy is reaching the penis and scrotal area. This
technique will cure impotence and increase the man's energy.
Also, this will indirectly stimulate the prostate gland and increase
semen production.

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