Special lectures delivered by the author in several universities in India and abroad are presented in this section for facilitating e-learning. Viewers are encouraged to send their questions and views to the author by email. The presented material is intended only for self-learning; should not be used in any public domain. Accuracy of mathematical results is subject to verification by the viewer. Special Lectures Delivered • Strength enhancement in compression members due to confinement • Fire resistant design of RC structures • Seismic analysis in nonlinear domain- an overview • Phase space study of Offshore structures • Response behavior of irregular buildings under seismic loads • Blast vulnerability analysis of coal waste dump during production blasting • Modal pushover analysis of RC Framed buildings • Seismic analysis, design and construction practices of structures • Seismic analysis, design and construction practices of structures in subHimalayan region • Seismic vulnerability of asymmetric RC buildings • Shake Table- design, fabrication and economics • Thumb rules for aseismic design and construction of buildings • Shell structures- Fascinating ones! • Iran Earthquakes- lessons and legends • Performance assessment of existing buildings subjected to seismic loads • Basics of Matrix analysis lesson1, tut1, sol1 • Derivation of Stiffness matrix for a beam element lesson2, tut2, sol2 • Analysis of continuous beam using stiffness method example1 • Analysis of 2-d frames using stiffness method example2 • Nonlinear seismic analysis of framed structures • Pushover analysis – a comparison with limit theorems • Step-by-step approach to pushover analysis • Performance based design of multi-storey RC framed structures • Free-vibration response of two storey steel framed structure (Analytical modeling and experimental verification using Shake Table) • Offshore Tension Leg Platforms- an overview • Dynamic analysis of Offshore TLPs • Seismic response analysis of Offshore TLPs • Seismic Design Aids for nonlinear analysis of RC framed buildings (Book promotion Lecture) Multi-modal analysis of high rise buildings

This lecture notes is property of Prof. S. Chandrasekaran. All rights strictly reserved. The presentation material should not be used in any public domain without written permission of the author. Copyright reserved

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