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MEMORANDUM FOR Commander. United StatesSouthernCommand.3511 NW 9lst Avenue. Miami, FL33172 SUBJECT: Recommendationfor Transfer Out of DoD Control (TRO) for Guantanamo (S) Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP

Assessment JTF-GTMO Detainee
1. (S/NF) Personal Information: o o o o o o JDIMSA{DRC ReferenceName: Nabil Hadjarab Aliases and Current/TrueName: Nabil Said Hadjarab.Abdul Rahim. Azzouz Moulay Ahmed. Haji Nabil Placeof Birth: Ain Taya.Aleeria (AG) Date of Birth: 2I July 1979 Citizenship: Algeria InternmentSerialNumber (ISN): US9AG-000238DP

2. (U//FOUO) Health: Detaineeis in good health. 3. (S//NF) JTF-GTMO Assessment: a. (S) Reconimendation: JTF-GTMO recommends this detainqe TransferOut of DoD for detainee ContinuedDetention(CD) with as Control (TRO). JTF-GTMO previously assessed TransferLanguageon23 February2006. b. (S/ND Executive Summary: Detaineeis assessed be a memberof the al-Qaida to Global Jihad Support Network (GJSN)'with direct associations the Algerian Armed to Islamic Group (GIA).' Detaineeattendedtraining in Afghanistan (AF) and resided in
I AnalystNote: The GJSNis composed individuals, of mostof themfrom North Africa, the Lavant,or Saudi Arabia,andwho residein thosecountries in Europeor SouthAsia. TheNetworkprovides or variousservices CLASSIFIED BY: MULTIPLE SOURCES REASON:E.O. 12958, AMENDED,SECTION1.4(C) AS DECLASSIFY ON: 20320122

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S E C R E T // NOFORN I I 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR SUBJECT: Recommendationfor Transfer Out of DoD Control (TRO) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP(S) guesthouses operatedby al-Qaida facilitator Abu Jaffar al-Jazaii^.zDetaineeoccupied alpositions in the Tora Bora Mountains of Afghanistan and is assessed have to Qaida participated in hostilities againstUS and coalition forces. JTF-GTMO determinedthis detainee be: to o o o A MEDIUM risk, as he may posea threatto the US, its interests and allies. A MEDIUM threat from a detentionperspective. Of MEDIUM intelligencevalue.

c. (S/NF) Summary of Changes: Therewere no significantchanges detainee's to assessment since the last JTF-GTMO recommendation. 4, (S/NO Detainee'sAccount of Events: The following section is based,unless otherwise indicated, on detainee'sown account. These statementsare included without consideration of veracity, accuracy, or reliability. ^. (S/NF) Prior History: In 1981,detainee's family moved to France(FR) where years. In 1987, detaineereturnedto Algeria detaineeattendedelementaryschool for five wherehe completedthree yearsof primary school. In 1991,detainee's fatherpassed away and his stepmotherleft him alone to fend for himself. Detaineeremained in his father's receivedan houseand was financially assisted his uncle.3 In early 1998,detainee by Algerian Army selective service letter, but a doctor from the sametribe as detaineestamped joined his biological paperworkas "unableto serve"." In March 1998,detainee detainee's brothers in France and was handedover to the French Society of Lyon for Children and (SELA). SELA placeddetainee Adolescents into the nationaladoptionsystem. In May 1998,the Dumortier family of Lyon, FR, adopteddetainee.' ln November2000, fearing deportation,detaineepreparedto travel to the United Kingdom (IlK). Detainee left his

ooooz:g 2o-MAY-2003 302 t O00Z38 28-MAY-2002, provided conflicting 302 Analyst Note: Detainee a account hisfather's in 000238 of fate
FM40 06-OCT-2003, when detaineeclaimed that he was adoptedbecausedetainee'sfather was an irresponsible .alcoholic, implying that his father was still alive. ' Analyst Note: The BarbesseDistrict is made up primarily of African immigrants and descendents.

including logistics and fundraising, and helps move operativesfrom country to country as needed. The GJSN is an IICT Tier 0 counterterrorismtarget. Tier 0 Targets are defined as a terrorist group that pose a clear and immediate ^dangerto US personsor interests. 'Analyst Note: Abu laffar al-Jazaieriis assessed be Omar Chabani. The guesthousewhere detaineestayedis to assessed be the Algerian guesthouseoperatedby Chabani. to '. 000238302 28-MAy-2002,000238 302 0l-MAy-2002

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s E c R E T / / NOFORN I | 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR SUBJECT: Recommendationfor Transfer Out of DoD Control (TRO) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP(S) Algerian passportwith his brothers and purchaseda fake French passportfor 300 French Francsin the Barbesse district of Paris.FR.' to b. (S/ND Recruitment and Travel: Detaineetraveledto Englandand proceeded the Baker StreetMosque, where detaineewas directed to the Finsbury Park Mosque in London, UK.s Detainee spent a week at the Finsbury Park Mosque with fifteen to twenty other African Arabs (I.IFI). Detaineedenied watching jihad tapesor being influenced by the words did of MosqueImam Abu Hamza,though detainee listen to Abu Hamza's lectures.eUnable to acquire an official health insurancenumber, detaineewas forced to work a seriesof odd jobs. In March 2001, four months after arriving in the UK, detainee'sassociate Abu Jaffar al-Jazainfunded detainee'stravel to Afghanistan to study the Koran and live in a true Islamic country. Detainee and anotherAlgerian named Rashid (NFD flew to Islamabad, Pakistan(PK), where they placed a phone call to a number provided by Abu Jaffar. After this phone call, a man named Muhammad met with detaineeand Rashid. Muhammad assistedin detaineeand Rashid's travel to Jalalabad,AF. After arriving in Jalalabad, detaineeresided at the Algerian guesthouse operatedby Zachaiah al-Iazaieri. Detainee statedan individual named Jafarl0visited the houseabout once every two weeks to talk to houseguest Sufian (LNU).I' for c. (S/NF) Training and Activities: Detaineeremainedin the guesthouse eight months. In July 200I, before departingAfghanistan for Europe,Zachaiah al-Iazaiei trained detainee the AK-47 and left detainee chargeof the house. On 14 November 2001, in on detaineefled Jalalabadduring the mass exodusinto the Tora Bora Mountain region. Detaineejoined a group led by Abu Thabitl2 andstayedin an areawhere detaineeshareda trench with Abu Thabit, Abdullah, Abu Turab, and Abu Basir.r3 The trencheswere all hand dug, not interconnected,and poorly defendedwith one AK-47 and a few hand grenadesfor
Analyst Note: Finsbury Park Mosque was a key transit facility for the movement of North African and other extremists in London to and from a1-Qaidatraining camps in Afghanistan. e Analyst Note: Abu Hamza is assessed be Sheik Abu Hamza al-Masri, a radical Islamic cleric who vehemently to preachedanti-westernand anti-Semitic rhetoric and is currently in UK custody. See000238 FM40 06-APR-2004, 000238sIR l9-APR-2002, IIR 6 034 105403 r0 Analyst Note: A variant of Jaffar is Jafar. Jafar is assessed be Abu Jaffar al-Jazaieriaka (Omar Chabani). to " ttR o o:+ 105403, 000238FM40 06-APR-2004,000238302 28-MAY -2002, AnalystNote: Muhammadis assessed be Muhammad Shah,the assistantof Abu Jaffar. Due to commonality of names,there is no further to information on Rashid. Zachaiahal-Jazaiei is assessed be Omar Mohammed Ali al-Rammah, ISN US9YMto (YM-1017). Sufianis assessed be SoufianAbar Huwary,ISN US9AG-001016DP (AG-1016). 001017DP to 12 Analyst Noie: Abu Thabit was reportedly the 55ft Arab Brigade comrnande.of multinational fighters in Tora Bora. 13 Analyst Note: Abu Basir is assessed be Iraqi Abu Basir Kurdi. Abdullah is assessed be Abu Abdullah alto to Iraqi. Both were associatedwith Abu Thabit and traveled together to Tora Bora. There is no further information on Abu Twab. o

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S E C R E T / / NOFORN I I 20320122
JTF-GTMO-CDR SIIBJECT: Recommendationfor Transfer Out of DoD Control (TRO) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP(S) defense. Due to the relentlessUS bombing campaign,detaineeremained in trenchesfor approximately twenty to twenty-five days.la 5. (S/NF) Capture Information: a. (S//I{F) UBl-appointed military commanderin Tora Bora, Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, ISN US9LY-000212DP (LY-2T2), orderedthe retreat of a group of approximately 65 fighters in mid-December 2001.'' DetaineeleamedAbu Thabit was leadinga group out of the region to safetyl6and approximately15 December2001, detainee attempted departTora Bora for to group." Approximately 16 December,while attempting to Pakistanwith Abu Thabit's escapeunder the cover of darkness,a US helicopter attackedthe group and detaineesuffered seriousinjuries. Detaineemanagedto walk to a nearby village and was taken to a hospital with severalother injured Arabs.rs On 20 December z}}l,Afghan military forces captured detaineeand on 29 December2001 transferreddetaineeto American and British forces in Kabul, AF.re b. (S) Property Held: . Miscellaneous personalitems to include a comb, pen, and a clear vial containingan unidentified liquid . The following items are noted as belonging to detaineebut are not held by JTFGTMO:20 o Money . 350 British Pounds . 7,000Afghanis c. (S) Transferred to JTF-GTMO: 15 February2002

'o 000238 FM4006-ApR-2004.000238 20-MAy-2003 302 t5IIR 7 739 339602, Withdrawalfrom Tora Bora(DAB paper,JDIMS) analysis 'u ooo238 FM4o06-APR-2004 " IIR 2 340 6384oz " 000238 20-MAY-2003, 302 MFR 26-JUN-2003, 000238 000238 28-May-2002, Analyst Note: Following 302 failednegotiations Afghancommanders, Shaykh with Ibn al-Libi US9LY-0002lzDP(LY-212)t8 ordered the withdrawalof a groupof approximately sixty-fivefightersfrom Tora Bora. The fighterscameunderattackthe night of thewithdrawal US helicopters by resultingin the deathandinjury of manymembers the group. of Detainee's associate, al-Qaida member Abu Thabit,wasreportedly killed in ToraBora duringthis attack. Detainee likely injuredduringthis same was attack. tn000238 FM40 06-APR-2004, 00023830228-MAY-2002. Analyst Note: References the attack:TDfor 3141t4605-04, 340 6120 IIR 2340 623602,IIR 2340 6716 IIR 6034074402 IIR2 02, 02, 'o 000238 INITIAL SCREENING 21-JAN-2002. AnalvstNote: Document notated these is that itemsweretakenbv (AMF). AfghanMilitary Forces

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S E C R E T // NOFORN I I 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR SUBJECT: Recommendationfor Transfer Out of DoD Control (TRO) for Guantanamo Detainee,ISN: US9AG-000238DP(S)

d. (S//NF) Reasonsfor Transfer to JTF-GTMO: Detainee'sfile doesnot indicatewhy detainee was sentto JTF-GTMO. 6. (S/NF) Evaluation of Detainee'sAccount: Detainee'sreasonfor traveling to Afghanistan is a known cover story and detainee's accountis inconsistent and incomplete. Detainee'sroute of travel parallels that of other detainees recruited and facilitated through the GJSN. Detainee claimed to have no knowledge of al-Qaida, Taliban, and GIA, yet through his travels he associated with membersand facilities known to be involved with thesegroups. Detainee claimed he did not receive formal training or participate in any combat againstUS and coalition forces; however, his associated activity and capturenear Tora Bora would suggestdifferently. 7. (S/A[F) DetaineeThreat: a. (S) Assessment: Detaineeis assessed be a MEDIUM risk, as he may pose a threatto to the US. its interests and allies. b. (S/NF) Reasonsfor Continued Detention: Detaineeis assessed be a memberof alto to Qaida's GJSN with direct associations the GIA. Detaineeattendedtraining in Afghanistan and possiblyreceivedexplosivestraining. Detaineeresidedin guesthouses operated alby Qaida facilitator Abu Jaffar al-Jazaiei. Detaineeoccupiedpositions in Tora Bora and is assessed haveparticipatedin hostilitiesagainstUS and coalition forces. to o (S/A{F) Detaineeis a memberof the GJSN. o (S/A{F) Detaineeadmitted to staying at the extremist-linked Finsbury Park Mosque in London and received assistance from individuals assessed be linked to a to supportnetwork that facilitated travel to Afghanistan.2l (Analyst Note: Detainee probably received guidancefor his trip to Afghanistan through Omar Uthman Abu Omar aka (Abu Qatada),named as al-UBL's ambassador Europe. Omar Uthman to Abu Omar is an al-Qaida member and associate Finsbury Park Mosque Imam, of Shavkh Abu Hamza al-Masri.)22

'' Algerian Extremist Recruitment in Europe 31-May-2004, IIR 6 034 1054 03 " Recruiting for Jihad Europe is in Our Hands; Washington Post - 12 August 2005, Homeland Securitv Focus Report on Terrorist Recruitment 2l Oct 2005 Analyst Note: Omar Uthman Abu Omar aka (Abu Qatada) is a radical Imam in the UK. Abu Qatadaworked primarily out of the Baker StreetMosque, which had known ties to the Finsbury Park Mosque. Abu Qatadahas been identified as al-Qaida's spiritual liaison in Europe. On 1l August 2005, UK authorities detainedAbu Qatadaand are awaiting exhadition pursuant to new terrorism laws.

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s E c RE T //NOFORN I I 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR for SUBJECT:Recommendation Transfer Out of DoD Control(TRO) for Guantanamo (S) Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP
o (S/A{F) Detaineeattendedspeeches given by Eglptian Shaykh Abu Hamza alMasri, a radical cleric who lectured at the Finsbury Park Mosque in London from 1997until 2003.23 . (S/A{F) Al-Masri espoused hatred toward modem Western civilization and Judaismand encouragedfollowers to murder non-Muslims.2a . (S/AIF) North London's Finsbury Park Mosque has a history of serving as an attack planning and propagandaproduction base. IJK authorities considerthe mosquea key recruitment facility for North African and other extremistswithin the al-Qaida associated movement. The mosque also servedto facilitate the travel and training of recruits.2s o (S/A{F) Detaineereceived travel assistance Jalalabadafter placing a phone to call to a man named Muhammad. Muhammad is assessed be Muhammad Shah, to the assistantof Abu Jaffar. Muhammad Shahis known to have assistedAbu Jaffar in transportingrecruits arriving from Europe acrossthe border of Afghanistan and Pakistanfor transportationto training campsin Afghanistan. This transportation network was reportedly funded by Usama-Bin Laden (UBL).26 o (S/A{F) Al-Qaida memberMuhammadAhmad Binyam, ISN US9ET-001458DP (ET-1458),photo identified detainee Abdul Rahim, an associate London,who in as traveled to Afghanistan after ET-I458.27 . (S/A{F) ET-1458 visited Baker StreetMosque and listenedto sermons by Omar Uthman Abu Omar. SoufianAbar Huwary, ISN US9AG-001016DP(AG1016)provided ET-1458with a contactnumber for a Muhammadin Islamabad who would then transport ET-1458 to Afghanistan and then to the Algerian training camp.28(Analyst Note: ET-1458's Muhammadis assessed be to detainee's Islamabad aforementioned associate.It is probablethat AG-1016 and detainee'sassociateAbu Jaffar is associated and are both membersof the recruitmentnetwork. Detaineeis assessed, ET-1458,to haveparticipatedin like training at the Algerian training camp, which was detainee'slikely activity in Jalalabad contraryto detainee's claims.)2e
" 000238 State DeptLondon 07-FEB-2006 to State DeptLondon#000955, AnalystNote:

2006,UK courtsfoundAbu Hamzaal-Masri On 7 January guilty on eleven yearsin prison. charges sentenced to seven and him " 000238 ACIC Information Paper TerroristThreafAssessment Extremist Recruitment in 22-SEP-2004,Algerian Europe3l-May-2004 'u 00r458FM4029-ocr-2oo4,IlR 6 034 1054 IIR 6 034 r 13503, TD-3r4r5643i-o3,TD-3r4r33olg-03 03, 2t001458 Associate Photobook 2}-OCT-2004 " 00t458Associate Photobook 2}-OCT-2004, 001458 FM4029-OCT-2004.001458 27-OCT-2004, SIR 001016 SIR I7-MAY-2005 " 00t+58Associate Photobook 2}-OCT-2004, FM4029-OCT-2004,001458 27-OCT-2004, 001458 SIR 001016 SIR l7-MAY-2005, Analyst Note: AG-1016 wascaptured YM-1017. AG-1016's with nameis Soufian, variant

o S E C RE T // NOFORN I 20320122 I

S E C R E T // NOFORNI I 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR SUBJECT:Recommendation Transfer for Out of DoD Control(TRO) for Guantanamo (S) Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP
o (S/A{F) Detainee stayedat the al-Qaida-affiliated Algerian House in Jalalabadand was identified as attending training in al-Faruq.30 o (S/A{F) Detaineeacknowledgesmeeting Abu Jaffar at the Algerian guesthouse in Jalalabad. Abu Jaffar visited the guesthouse a regular basis. Abu Jaffar was the on director of the GIA camp locatednear Jalalabadand was the GJSN representative in Afghanistan.3l o (S/A{F) Detaineeand other Algerian House residentsattendedtraining at the nearbyAlgerian or Moroccantraining camps.3' . (S/A{F) ln November 2000 through September2001.,al-Qaida member Muhibullah provided training on the use of electronic componentsfor fabricating (Analyst Note: Muhibullah is explosivedevicesat the Algerian House.33 assessed be Younis AbdunahmanChekkouri,ISN US9MO-000197DP(MOto 197),co-founderof the MoroccanIslamic Fighting Group (GICM)34. Detainee's placementand access provided ample opportunity for him to receive various levels of training to include explosivestraining; howeve^r, there is no additional information linking detaineeto the explosivestraining.)" o (S/A{F) Detaineewas identified as attendingtraining at al-Qaida supportedalFaruq training camp.36 . (S/A{F) Al-Qaida explosivesexpert Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al-Sawah,ISN (EG-535),identified detainee attendingthe Sharia,aka US9EG-000535DP as (Islamic Institute)aka (Instituteof Arab Studies). (Analyst Note: The Islamic Institute was an al-Qaida affiliated organizationth{ taught hard-line Sunni Arabic and Islamic religious law. Abu Hafs al-Mauritani "operated the Islamic lnstitute and the institute was located acrossthe streetfrom the Hajji Habbashguesthouse.

Sufian, YM-l017's aliasis Zachariah. is possible and previously It AG-1016 YM-1017aredetainee's and mentioned associates the same bv names Jalalabad. in 'o ooo23 302 28-MAY -;oo2 8 3t rDi ]4ltgggS-o2,IIR 6 832 013202,IIR 6 853 ot37 \L,IIR 6 034 026505,IIR 2 340 6384 Note: o2,Analyst Abu Jaffarwasalsoimplicated plottingthe assassination AhmadShahMassoud, Commander the in of the of Alliance(NA) prior to 11 September 2001. Abu Jaffarwaslistedaskilled in ToraBora in late2001. ^^Northern " 001458 FM4003-NOV-04 33TD-3r41t9998-02 3a AnalystNote: The GICM is listedasa Tier 2 targetontheIICT database. Tier 2 targets definedastenoristor are groups exhemist thathavedemonstrated the'intention thecapability attackUS persons interests. both and to and ^" TD-3l4l0103i -03,TD-314140214-02 'u Al Farouq TrainingCampStudyMar 04,paragraph AnalystNote: Al-Farouqvariantal-Faruq.The al-Faruq 4. camphasbeenknownasa basictrainingcampwheretrainees learnthebasics weaponry, military tactics, of and mapreading. ^_ '' AnalystNote: Mahfouz Ould el Walid aka(Abu Hafsal Mauritani)wasan instructor al-Faruq, a senioralat and (MR-757). Abu also cousinof AhmedOuld Abdel Aziz, ISN US9MR-0000757DP Qaidalieutenant, a possible Hafswasal-Qaida UBL's third religiousadvisor. and

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S E C R E T // NOFORN I I 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR SUBJECT:Recommendation Transfer for Out of DoD Control(TRO) for Guantanamo (S) Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP
Detainee's admittanceinto the Islamic institute shows a weat deal of trust from senioral-Qaidaleadership.)38 (S/A{F) The Hajji Habbashguesthouse | servedas an administration facility for newly arrived recruits bound for the al-Faruq training camp. The recruits checked-in and surrendered their passportsand valuablesfor safe keeping until enoughrecruits arrived to warrant transportto the camp. The guesthouse also servedas a waypoint for extremiststraveling to and from Pakistanor between eastand west Afghanistan." o (S/A{F) Detaineeis assessed haveparticipatedin hostilitiesagainstUS and to coalition forceswhile at Tora Bora. o (S/A{F) Detainee shareda trench with al-Qaida commanderAbu Thabit, Abdullah, Abu Basir and Abu Turab.ao . Abu Thabit was a known Tora Bora commanderwho led a multi-national group of twenty membersfrom Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.al . (S//Xf; Abdullah is possibly al-Qaida operative Abu Abdullah al-haqi. Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi was an Iraqi Kurd who al-Qaida recruited in 1997 for his scientific expertise. Al-Qaida reportedly taskedAbu Abdullah al-Iraqi to make contactwith unidentified officials in Iraq to acquirepoisons and mustard gas, and al-Iraq!was a guest of UBL and Abu Hafs while working at the al-Faruq training carnp.az Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi was reportedkilled during a bus-convoy uprising soonafter his mid-December 2001 arrest.o3 lAnalyst Note: Timelinesoverlap and description provided by detaineeon Abdullah is very similar to the description of Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi. The bus-convoy was describesthe transfer of prisonerscapturedwith LY-212.) ' (S/Nf; Abu Basir is possibly al-QaidaoperativeAbu Basir Kurdi. Abu Basir Kurdi and Abu Abdullah al-kaqi traveled together through Tora Bora and were on the samebus-convoy uprising that killed six Pakistani guardsand ten prisoners.aa o (S/A{F) Detainee attemptedto flee Tora Bora with Abu Thabit.as ' (S//\rf) Detaineewas seriously injured trying to escapeTora Bora. Detainee was arrestedat a hospital near Jalalabadalong with Omar Said Salim al-Dayi, ISN
tt TD-3r4r24862-o2,IIR 6 034086102,TD-314/28084-02, 6 0442515 IIR 05 3e 6 0442515 IIR 05 oo 6 034 ro54 IIR 03 o'IIR2 340 12002 6 o2 IIR 6 0340292 02,TD-3r4r05434-02 43 7 739339602 IIR oo 6 034 0292 IIR 02. IIR 7 739 339602 a5 AnalystNote: Abu Thabitwasreportedly commander theAbut Thabitgroupof multinational the of fightersin ToraBora. Abu Thabitwaskilled in ToraBora.

8 S E C RE T / / NOFORN I / 20320122

S E C R E T // NOFORN I I 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR for SLIBJECT:Recommendation Transfer Out of DoD Control(TRO) for Guantanamo (S) Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP (YM-5a9);Walid SaidBin SaidZaid,ISN US9YMUS9YM-000549DP (YM-550);andFahmiSalem (YM000550DP ISN Saidal-Sani, US9YM-000554

. (S/Am; Detaineeis assessed have been injured during the US air strikes at to Tora Bora during which Abu Thabit was killed.ot lAnalyst Note: UBl-appointed military commander Tora Bora, LY-2I2, directedthe mid-December in 2001 withdrawal from Tora Bora. LY-212 initially sent a group of about 65 fighters to attempt their escapeto Pakistan. This group came under air attack and the majority were either wounded or killed, including Abu Thabit. It is assessed that detaineewas injured during this air strike. Detainee,like severalothers,was then taken to the hospital in Jalalabadfor treatmentwhere they were captured.) o (S/A{F) Detaineemirrored extremist international travel patterns,including the use of fake documentationwhen traveling. Detainee acknowledgedentering the UK using a fake passportand enteredAfghanistan through a facilitation hub in Islamabad,PK, operatedby North African extremists.aslAnalyst Note: Detainee's explanationfor acquiring passportslends credencethat detaineewas associated with extremist elements during detainee'sstay in France.) c. (U//FOUO) Detainee's Conduct: Detaineeis assessed be a MEDIUM threatfrom a to detentionperspective.Detainee'soverall behaviorhasbeensemi-compliant and hostile toward the guard force and staff. Detaineecurrently has 23 Reports of Disciplinary Infraction listed in DIMS. The most recentinfraction occurredon27 November 2006,when was found in possession contraband, detainee including a piece of paperwith English and of foreign writing on both sideswith no approval stamp. Other incidents for which detaineehas been disciplined include assault,attemptedassault,failure to follow guard instructions and camp rules, threateningguards,harassingguards,damageto govemment property, provoking words or gestures,inciting and participating in mass disturbances, and possession food and of non-weaponbpe contraband. Detaineehas a total of three Reports of Disciplinary Infraction for assault,the most recent occurring on 31 August 2006, when detaineethrew his food tray throughthe beanhole, splashing milk onto a guard. tn2006, detainee had a total of 10 Reportsof Disciplinary Infraction. Other detainee notesshow on 21 May 2005,while in the recreationyard detaineethreatenedguardssaying, 'oRemember this, I'll get you, if you give give you a hard time." me a hard time, I'11 8. (S/NF) Detainee Intelligence Value Assessment:

46IIR6o34o6ir03 ot IIR 2 340 623602, IIR 2 340 6120 IIR 02, 6 034o3gz02 ot ooo238302 2I-MAY -2003

9 S E C R E T // NOFORN I I 20320122

S E C RE T / / NOFORN I I 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR SUBJECT: Recommendationfor Transfer Out of DoD Control (TRO) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP(S) to a. (S) Assessment: Detaineeis assessed be of MEDIUM intelligencevalue. Detainee's most recentinterrogationsession occurredon 31 October2006. b. (S/ND Placement and Access: Detaineeusedthe services Frenchextremistsupport of networks to procure false documentsand to probably facilitate his trip to the UK. Detainee utilized al-Qaida's transportationnetwork to travel to Afghanistan where detaineeresided in an Algerian guesthouse Jalalabad in during the time allegedexplosivesexpertMO-197 conductedtraining. Detaineeresided at the Finsbury Park Mosque and had direct accessto senior al-Qaida facilitator Omar Uthman Abu Omar and had exposureto Egyptian Shaykh Abu Hamza al-Masri. Detainee's associationwith the Institute of Islamic Studies,directed by Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, causesgreat concem. High-level al-Qaida membersfrequented this lnstitute for meetingswhere only trusted individuals were allowed to attend. Detainee also resided at a secondal-Qaida associated guesthouse Kabul and probably attended in training at al-Faruq Camp. Detaineepossibly attendedthe Sharia Institute and was exposed to radical Sunni teachingsin support of al-Qaida objectives. Detaineetraveled and served with al-Qaida operativesin Tora Bora to include 55'nArab Brigade CommanderAbu Thabit and weaponsexpert Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi. c. (S//NF) Intelligence Assessment: Detaineehas information aboutal-Qaidaand extremist facilitation through Algeria, France,the United Kingdom, Pakistan,and Afghanistan to include methodsof recruitment. Detaineemay be able to provide information on explosivestraining conductedat camps and guesthouses.Detaineehas information relating to the similarities and differencesbetweenthe extremist rhetoric at the Finsbury Park Mosque and the Sharia Institute. Detaineeprobably has information about al-Qaida's training camps and support facilities in Afghanistan. d. (S/NF) Areas of Potential Exploitation: o o o o o o o o Paris BarbesseDistrict-based forgery and extremist networks Leadersof the Finsbury Park Mosque in London Sharia lnstitute rhetoric General activity of the Finsbury Park Mosque Explosives training at the Algerian House Facilitation networks through Algeria, France,United Kingdom, Pakistan,and Afghanistan Personneland activities at Algerian and Hajji HabbashGuesthouses Personneland activities at al-Faruq training camp

10 S E C R E T // NOFORN / I 20320122

S E C RE T / / NOFORN I I 20320122 JTF-GTMO-CDR for SUBJECT:Recommendation Transfer Out of DoD Control(TRO) for Guantanamo (S) Detainee, ISN: US9AG-000238DP 9, (S) EC Status: Detainee's enemy combatant status reassessed 20 October was on 2004,and he remains enemvcombatant. an

Rear Admiral.


Definitions for intelligence terms used in the assessment be found in the Joint Military Intelligence College can October 2001 guide Intelligence l4tarning Terminologt.

11 S E C RE T // NOFORNI I 20320122

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