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Communicable Disease (some..)

Communicable Disease (some..)


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Published by: Ernie G. Bautista II, RN, MD on Jan 18, 2009
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-an acute, contagious and exanthematous disease
that usually affects children which are susceptible
to URTI.

Etiologic Agent: Filtrable virus that belongs to
genus Morbilivirus of the family paramyxoviridae.
- rapidly inactivated by heat, ultraviolet light,
and extreme degrees of acidity and alkalinity.

Incubation Period

Incubation Period

10 to 12 days
Single attack conveys a lifelong immunity.

Period of Communicability: usually lasts
about 9 to 10 days, from the beginning of
the prodromal symptoms to the fading of
the rash.

The disease is communicable 4 days before
and 5 days after the appearance of rashes.
The disease is most communicable during
the height of rash.

Sources of Infection:
-patient’s blood
-Secretions from the eyes, nose and throat.

Mode of Transmission

Mode of Transmission

1.Through direct contact with the droplets
spread through coughing & sneezing
2.Indirect contact (articles or fomites freshly
contaminated with respiratory secretions
of infected patients.

Pathognomonic Sign

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