...Berry Lane Kids Park: Built on 80,000 tons of toxic chromium 6 by PPG Industries ...and toxic
The Healy, PPG Industries Environmental Cover-up at Berry Lane Park: Going on now: September 2012.

This future kids park for Ward F minorities in Jersey City needs those blue tarps now covering the soil so that the underground contamination of several thousand tons of chromium 6 does go airborne. Chromium 6 exposure causes cancer and many other preventable diseases.

Berry Lane Park: What’s Really Brewing Underneath the New Park?
Berry Lane Park in Jersey City’s Ward F is set to officially open in the coming months but not without a significant amount of controversy associated with the highly unorthodox “quickie clean-up” that is par for the course with the Jersey City Council. This “kids park” is located directly across from the Light Rail Train tracks at the Garfield Avenue stop and had been the subject of a long-term NJDEP environmental cover-up. Once again, it is clear that NJ’s chief environmental agency has deliberately failed communities of color and is again attempting to “white-wash” an obvious environmental problem in Ward F. As the old saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” And in this case, Berry Lane Park is still clearly a toxic wasteland of highly contaminated, cancer-causing chromium 6 sludge. According to Mayor Healy’s office, the park has been remediated but only down to about 20 feet. That is just NJDEP code word for “we don’t have the balls nor intellect to force PPG Industries back into federal court to actually do a comprehensive clean-up for Ward F residents and children, so we will just make that billion dollar corporation, PPG responsible for just cleaning up the chromium down to just twenty feet below the park and hope it never rains. So what happens when it rains at Berry Lane Park and all that toxic chromium leaches to the surface in 2013? Why is no one asking that seriously obvious question? PPG’s highly toxic chromium site at 900 Garfield Avenue, only ten feet from the Berry Lane Park leached several hundred thousand tons of chromium onto the site now being billed as Berry Lane Park. The signs on Garfield Avenue near Union Street read: “Berry Lane Park Something Big Is Coming.” That “something big” needs to be a big fat federal lawsuit by Ward F community leaders that asks the central question: What is really brewing underneath Berry Lane Park at 80-100 feet? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maps show serious chromium toxic waste under the “meadow mat” at Berry Lane Park. That is fancy engineer talk that really translates to: the Jersey City Council likely cut a deal with PPG and the NJDEP behind closed doors to make the clean-up look legit on paper when in fact, Berry Lane Park is yet another shining example of the long-standing legacy among Jersey City leadership of bullshit-ass quickie clean-ups that years later will require additional, more comprehensive environmental clean-up once the naive residents figure out what is really going on in their neighborhood. It happened at Society Hill in Jersey City and Honeywell got slapped by residents with a $700M lawsuit. Honeywell lost. It happened again at 900 Garfield Avenue (Ward F) and PPG Industries lost to Ward F residents to the tune of a $600M chromium 6 lawsuit. The question Jersey City residents should be asking Mayor Healy and his administration is: Why hasn’t PPG Industries been forced to actually clean up Berry Lane Park in the same way PPG was forced in federal court in Newark to clean up 900 Garfield Avenue. That site has to be scrubbed of the toxic chromium to about 5ppm. 900 Garfield Avenue has 700,000 tons of to toxic chromium waste and PPG left it there for the Ward F community for more than 30 years without really saying anything to the community. PPG Industries’ blatant environmental racism in Ward F continues and the Healy administration and NJDEP are squarely behind this looming environmental fiasco..again! Currently, Berry Lane Park is covered with mounds of fresh dirt...brought in somewhere else? Why would an existing open field like Berry Lane Park need so much new soil? (see above). The answer ladies and gentlemen is obvious: This kids park is located on a highly contaminated chromium 6 toxic dump site!!

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