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Phase detectors

Phase detectors

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Published by: Kuldeep Gola on Oct 01, 2012
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Phase Detector Circuits

Presented by: Ricky Lau

Outline  Why this topic?  Common Phase Detectors (PD) in industry  Novel Phase Detector design  Future design challenges of Phase Detectors .

Why this topic?  Clock and Data Recovery Systems (CDR) are extensively used in telecommunication and digital systems  Phase Detector is critical to the performance of a CDR system .

Linear vs Bang-Bang PD Linear PD Bang-Bang PD Advantages • Small output jitter • Less sensitive to data patterns Disadvantages • Nonlinearity • High output for non-uniform jitter data .

Hogge Phase Detector  Static phase error due to CK->Q delay of FF  Low output jitter and retimes data .

Alexander Phase Detector  High output jitter  Maintain VCO frequency even when no data transition  Retimes Data .

Improved Bang-Bang PD  Large freq steps enhance pull-in range  Small freq steps reduce output jitter  Half-Rate Architecture .

Future Challenges  Jitter performance  Pull-in range  Sensitivity to input data patterns  Reliability  Analog vs Digital PD .

Questions? .

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