Labour Law Introduction

Q.1: What is Labour Law? Ans: Labour Laws are legal enactments and judicial principles for enforcing restrictions of working hours, timely payment of wages without any unlawful deductions, freedom of associations, collective bargaining and settlement of Industrial Disputes between Employer and Worker, Employer and Employer, Worker and Worker. Q.2: What is the utility of Labour Law? Ans: The utility of Labour Law is: 1. To save Labour (worker) from EXPLOITATION. 2. To maintain Healthy relations with Employer and Worker. 3. To enrich/maintain PRODUCTION Q.3: What is the Necessity of Labour Law? Ans: The necessity of Labour Law is: 1. To stop exploitation,……… legal actions (if required in the courts). Q.4: How many types of Labour Laws in Bangladesh? Ans: There are four types of Labour Laws in Bangladesh. They are:     Restrictive Labour Law-The Factories Act, 1965. Protective Labour Laws-IRO, 1969 (Industrial Relation Ordinance, 1969). The social security Labour Law-The worker compensation Act, 1923. Welfare Labour Law-The companies profit Act, 1968.

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