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AadalArasi AaduMayil Aaranam AatralArasi Aavani Aavirai Agalvili Aganagai Ahila Alagarasi Alagi Alagini Alagu Alaimagal Alamelu Alli Amaidhi Amaidhini Ambuvili Ammani Amudham Amudhini Anandi Anangu Anbalagi Anbini Anbu Anbulam Anbumoli AnbuValli Angammal Anicham Anjalai Annam AnnaMayil Aram Aramoli Arasi Arivalagi Arivoli Arivudai ArivuMalar Arul Arularasi Aruli Arulmani ArulVadivu Arumai Aruna Arutpa Athipoo Atpudham Avvai AadalAlagi AadalChelvi AadalNangai Alagammai AlaguChelvi AlaguMalar AlaguMani AlaguMayil

Artistic Dancing Peacock Name of an Ornament Achiever; Skilled Broad Eyes Inner Happiness Worldly; Knowledgeable; also Ahilam ; also AkiQueen of Beauty Beautiful; pron. azhagi Beautiful and Sweet; See Alagi Beauty; See Alagi Goddess of Wealth; Daughter of the Ocean Name of a Beautiful Flower Peace Peaceful and Sweet Piercing Eyes; Eyes resembling an Arrow tip Gem of a Girl Sweet Sweet Merrisome; Full of smiles Lovely and Beautiful; See Anbu Kind and Sweet Love; Lovely; Kindness Lovely; Kind-Hearted Who Speaks Kindly Kind Name of a Beautiful Flower; also AnichaMalar Able to discriminate between good and bad; Swan Bird; also Annakili Annam (swan bird) + Mayil (Peacock) Righteous; pron. aRam Righteous Word; See Aram Queen Intelligent and Beautiful Ray of Intelligence; See ArivuChudar Intelligent Intelligent Flower God's Grace Blessed Queen Blessed Blessed Gem Embodiment of Grace Unique Brilliant Divine Song Name of a Flower Miracle Name of a famous ancient Thamil Poetess Artistic and Beautiful Artistic Artistic Beautiful; also Alagammal Beautiful Girl Beautiful Flower Beautiful Gem Beautiful like a Peacock



AadalArasi Artistic

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AlaguMoli AlaguValli Alaiarasi Allikodi AmaidhiChelvi AmaidhiMalar AmaidhiVadivu AmudhaMoli Anbarasi Anbaruvi Anbumani AngayarKanni Annakodi Annammal Arachelvi Aramagal Arakodi Aravaani Arivarasi ArivuChudar ArivudaiNayaki ArivuMani Arulammal ArulChelvi ArulDevi ArulMaari ArulMarai ArulMoli ArulNangai ArulVadivu ArulVili ArumaiChelvi ArutChelvi Ayyammal Aabha Aadarshini Aadita Aadrika Aadya Aaheli Aahna Aaina Aakaanksha Aakriti Aamani Aanal Aanandita Aanchal Aanishka Aanwika Aaratrika Aarini Aarna Aarohi Aarshiya Aarti Aarushi Aashi Aashima Aashita Aashiyana

Beautiful Queen of Waves Alli Flower Vine Girl of Peace Flower of Peace Symbol of Peace Who Speaks Sweet Lovely; See Anbu Kind-hearted; See Anbu Lovely Gem Girl with Beautiful Eyes resembling a fish; See KayalVili Able to discriminate between good and bad; Swan Bird; See Annam Righteous Girl; See Aram Righteous Girl; See Aram Righteous Girl; See Aram Righteous; See Aram Queen of Intelligence Ray of Intelligence; See Arivoli Intelligent Intelligent Gem Blessed Girl Blessed Girl; also ArutChelvi, ArulSelvi Blessed Gracious Goddess Maari; Rain of Grace Divine Word God's Word Blessed Girl Full of Grace Eyes Radiating Grace Unique Girl; See Arumai Blessed Girl; See ArulChelvi Light Idealistic From the beginning Mountain First or preliminary Pure Exist Mirror Wish or desire Shape Spring season (vasanth ritu) Purveyor of Joy Shelter The Dusk Lamp beneath 'Tulsi' plant Adventurous Laxmi A music tune Form of worship First rays Smile One who is full of hope "Beautiful home, Small Dwelling, Nest"



AadalArasi Artistic

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Aashna Aashni Aashritha Aashvi Aastha Aathmika Aatmaja Aayushi Abha Abhilasha Abhinaya Abhira Abhirami Abhiruchi Abhisarika Abhitha Abirami Aboli Achla Achyutha Adhya Aditi Adiya Adrisa Advika Adwita Adwiteya Adwitiya Aesha Agamya Agneta Ahanti Ahilya Ahria Aishi Aishita Aishwarya Aja Ajastha Ajeya Ajita Akaisha Akanksha Akashleena Akhila Akriti Akshadha Akshainie Akshamala Akshara Akshata Akshaya Akshi Akshita Alak Alaka Alaknanda Alaknanda Alankrita Aleesha Aleezahtasha

Beloved; Devoted to love Somebody who gives shelter Faith Related to aathma or soul Daughter One with long life Beautiful Wish; Desire Cow herd Goddess Parvati Beautiful Beloved Fearless (Goddess Parvati) Godessname; Godess Lakshmi A flower Constant Immovable First power Mother of the Gods Gods treasure; Jewel Mountain Lord Unique Unique Unique Matchless Love Knowledge; Wisdom Fire Gift Wife of a rishi God's gift Wealth; Prosperity One who is self existent Lord Vishnu A Winner Flower Wish;Desire; Ambition; Hope Star Complete Shape; Form God's blessings Goddess Parvati Garland of rudraksh Letter Rice Existence Wonder girl World; Beautiful tresses Girl; Curl; Lock of hair A river River name Decorated lady Noble or Nobality



AadalArasi Artistic

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Alisha Alka Almas Aloki Alpa Alpana Amala, Amla Amanda Amarthya Amber Ambika Ambuja Amita Amodini Amrapali Amrita Amritkala Amrusha Amy Anagha Anahita Anala Anamika Anandamayi Anandi Anandini Ananya Anasuya, Anasooya Anchal Andrea Angana Angarika Anindita Anisha Anita Anitia Anjali Anjana Anju Anjushri, Anjushree Anna Annabel Annabelle Annapurna Anshula Antara Anumati Anupama Anuradha Anuva Anwesha Apala Aparijita Aparna Apsara Apurva, Aradhana Arati, Aaarti Archa Archan Archana

Protected Beauty Diamond Brightness Small Beautiful the pure one Precious thing From the stone. Healing Goddess Parvati born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi without limit joyful famous courtesan who became a evotee of Buddha immortality nectarine art sudden Loved sinless graceful fiery ring-finger full of joy jovial joyful without a second wife of Rishi Atri the decorative end of a sari Feminine form of Andrew an suspicious or handsome woman a flame-coloured flower-Palash or Flame of the Forest beautiful uninterrupted grace See Ann offering with both hands mother of Hanuman one who lives in the heart dear to one's heart Graceful Lovable Graceful or beatiful Goddess Parvati; generous with food sunny the second note in Hindustani classical music consent without equal name of a star knowldege quest name of a learned woman of the past undefeated; name of a flower Goddess Parvati celestial maiden Apoorva unique worship worship worship worship worship



10/18/2006 .AadalArasi Artistic Page 5 of 5 Archi Archit Aretha Ariel Arka Arpana Arpita Arshia Aruna Arunamshu Arundhati Aruni Arunima Arya Aryaka Asavari Aseema.. Ujjain city of Ujjain daughter of the Prophet one who has a long life a friend http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.. Avanti Avantika Ayesha Ayushmati Aziza Aruna Best Water or Air Spirit Arkesh surrendered dedicated heavenly dawn a star dawn glow of dawn name of a raga or melody limitless devotee aspiration benediction Ash Wood friend without grief a star the river Yamuna a star pride Devine Strength a blue flower daughter name of a river Noble Strength Abani earth ancient Malwa. Ashis Ashley Ashna Ashoka Ashwini Asita Aslesha Asmita Astrid Atasi Atmaja Atreyi Audrey Avani.oferr. Ashima Asgari Asha hope..

oferr. destiny fortunate a raga devotion. Tender born in the first quarter of the day a star Sita garland of Lord Vishnu of the month Baishakh an ancient city the name of a flower force. Tender Page 1 of 2 Balamani Babita Bahula Baidehi Baijayanthi Baisakhi Baishali Bakul Bala Balika Ballari Banamala Banani Bandana Bandhula Banhi fire Banhishikha Banita Bansari Bansuri Barbara Barsha Baruna Baruni Basabi Basanti Bela. power. Beli Belicia Belinda Belle Benazir Beryl Beth Betty Beverly Bevis Bhadra Bhageshree Bhagirathi Bhagvati Bhagwanti Bhagya Bhagyawati. Bhagyashree Bhairavi Bhakti Bhamini Bhanumati Bhanupriya Bharati Bhargavi Bhavana Bhavana. radiant beloved of the sun Indian Goddess Parvati feeling.Balamani Youthful.. Bhavna Bhavika Bhavini Bhavya Bhilangana Bhoomi Bhoomika Bhumi Bianca Bimala Youthful. creator meditation. love woman luminous. foreign rain wife of the Lord of the sea Goddess Durga wife of Lord Indra of spring a flower-jasmine Dedicated to God. Variation of isabel Pretty Beautiful incomparable See Elizebeth Form of Elizebeth Place name Place name gentle a raga another name for Ganga another name for Lakshmi lucky fate. 10/18/2006 . thinking expression Goddess Parvati splendour a river the earth the earth earth White pure http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. energy daughter creeper forests forests prayer charming flame woman flute flute Strange...

. Tender Page 2 of 2 Bina Binata Bindu Bindya Binita Binodini Bipasha Bishakha Bodhi Brinda Brishti Briti Bulbul a musical instrument the wife of Sage Kashyap a drop small dot humble handsome.oferr. 10/18/2006 .. Beas a star Enlightenment Radha Rain Strength Nightingale http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www..Balamani Youthful. beautiful Radha a river.

oferr. See Sudarmadhi Brilliant.. See Cholai Garden Girl. See Sudar Brilliant..Chellam Precious Page 1 of 2 Chellam ChellaMani Chellakili Chellakumari Chellammal ChellaVadivu Chemmani Chemmoli CheranMadhevi CheranMagal Chinnamal ChinnaMani Chithirai Chokkammal Chokki Cholai CholaiMani Cholaiyammal CholanMagal Chudar ChudarKodi ChudarMadhi ChudarMani ChudarOli Calida Camilla Carla Carlota Carmem Carol Caroline Carolyne Cassandra Catherine Catlina Cecily Celeste Chaaya Chahna Chaitali Chaitna Chakori Chalama Chaman Chameli Champa Chanchal Chandan Chandana Chandani Chandi Chandika Chandni Chandra Chandra Chandrakala Chandralekha Chandrika Chandrima Charmaine Charmaine Precious Precious Gem Precious Precious Girl Precious Girl Precious Flawless Gem Flawless Chera Queen Daughter of Cheran Little Girl Little Gem Name of the first Thamil month Garden. See Sudarmani Brilliant.. See Sudarkodi Brilliant Moon. 10/18/2006 . Born in the Chaitra month Sunflower seed Alert Goddess Parvati Garden A flower A flower Active Sandlewood Sandal Moon light Great Goddess Goddess Durga Moon light Moon Hindu Goddess of moon and stars Ray of the moon Moon Song Little song http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. See Solaiyammal Daughter of Cholan Brilliant. See Sudaroli Warm and Loving Fem form of Carl Petite or feminine Garden Form of Carolyne Fem form Charles Feminine form of Charles Pure Pure Blind Heavenly Shadow Love A season. See Cholaiyammal Garden Gem.

Chellam Precious Page 2 of 2 Charmy Charu Charulata Charusheela Chashmum Chatri Chetana Chetna Chhavi Chhaya Chinmayee Chintanika Chitra Chitrakshi Chitralekha Chitrani Chunni Claire Clareta Claudia Colleen Constance Cora Courtney Crystal Cynthia Charming Beautiful Creeper Beautiful Jewel My eyes Umbrella Consciousness Power of intellect.oferr. firmness Maiden From Place name Bright. ice A Greek God http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. 10/18/2006 . Alert Reflection Shadow Blissful Meditation Drawing Colourful eyes Portrait The ganges A star Bright. Clear Bright or brilliant Lame Girl Constancy....

perfect the earth.... 10/18/2006 .DheivaChelvi Blessed girl Page 1 of 2 DheivaChelvi DheivaNayagi DheivaVadivu Dahlia Daivya Daksa Daksha Dakshata Dakshayani Damayanti Damini Dana Danita Daphne Darpana Dawn Daya Dayamayee Dayanita Dayita Deborah Deeba Deepa Deepabali Deepali Deepamala Deepanwita Deepaprabha Deepashikha Deepika Deepta Deepti Deeptikana Deeptimoyee Deirdre Denise Desiree Devahuti Devak Devangana Devasree Devi Devika Devyani Dhanashree Dhanashri Dhanishta Dhanya Dhara Dharani Dharitri Dhatri Dhriti Dhvani Diana Diksha Dilber Dilshad Dipali Dipika Dipti Blessed girl With the likeness of God Flower name divine talented. Sati. lustre a beam of light lustrous One who rages From Greek God Desired daughter of Manu divine celestial maiden divine beauty goddess minor goddess daughter of Shukraacharya beauty a raga a star great the earth mystical verse recited to ease pain the earth Goddess Parvati patience sound Divine initiation lover happy row of lights a small lamp brightness http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.oferr. wife of Shiva skill Goddess Durga Nala's wife goddess Durga Mother of the Gods in myths God is my judge Laurel a mirror new beginning compassion kind tender beloved A bee silk light row of lamps row of lamps row of lamps lit by lamps fully lighted flame light shining flame.

.DheivaChelvi Blessed girl Page 2 of 2 Disha Diti Divya Diya Dolores Donna Doris Dorothy Dory Doyel Draupadi Drishti Dristi Dulari Durga Durva. the Goddess sacred grass river Glorious Light http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www... 10/18/2006 . Durba Dwipavati Dyumna Dyuti direction wife of the sage Kashyap divine light From the Virgin Mary Mistress of the house Place name Gift of God Golden haired a songbrid wife of the Pandavas sight eyesight dear succour.oferr.

. See Ilavarasi Beauty. 10/18/2006 . Youthful. Melodious Eelam Girl. See IlamPirai Princess. Purity The Earth Goddess Durga Only child One Devoted girl Singly focussed Unity cardamom tree The bright one Light or Torch Dedicated to God the zodiac sign of Capricorn doe-eyed shining pleasure search one who desires Lifegiving One who brings good news Lifegiving Beautiful art (Tamil name) http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. see Elisai. Melodious. See Elisai Sacred Goddess Parvati. also EelaSelvi Beautiful Girl Beautiful Beautiful Girl. Beautiful Page 1 of 1 Eelakili ElamPirai Elavarasi Elil Elili Elilmangai ElilVili Elisai EelaChelvi Elilammal ElilArasi ElilChelvi ElilKani ElilMani Elilnangai ElisaiChelvi ElisaiValli Edha Eesha Eila Ekaa Ekaja Ekani Ekanta Ekantika Ekta Ela Elena Eleni Elisa Emily Ena Enakshi Erekhsha Esha Eshana Eshita Eva Evangelia Evelina Ezhil oviyaa Parakeet from Eelam. pron. Melodious. See Elili & Elilnangai Beautiful Eyes Seven Musical Notes. Beautiful Young Crescent.Eelakili Parakeet from Eelam.oferr. ezhil Beautiful Beautiful Girl. See Elili & Elilmangai Seven Musical Notes... also ElilSelvi Beautiful and as Sweet as a Fruit Beautiful Gem Beautiful Girl. also ElisaiSelvi Seven Musical Notes.

10/18/2006 .oferr... joy happiness a caravan turquoise angel. Farah Farha Faria Farida Farohar Fatima. Frayashti Fritha Fulki Fullara gain generosity artistic a month in the Hindu calendar Phalguni born in Falgun.. Fatimah Fawiza Fayyim Firoza Foolan. a Hindu month agile. Foolwati. praise beloved spark wife of Kalketu http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. spirit Fatma the prophet Mohammad's daughter daughter of prophet Mohammad successful strong turquoise Phoolan flowering Phoolwati delicate as a flower worship.Faiza gain Page 1 of 1 Faiza Faizan Fajyaz Falgun Falguni.

. Cow coloured Goddess Parvati Pretty young girl Goddess Saraswati Melody Holy book of the hindus Melody A small song Silvery Precious gold coin Language Goddess Parvati Daughter of Mountain.. 10/18/2006 . see Kuna Possessing Good Character Possessing Good Character Symbol of Good Character Goddess Laxmi Flowers Sweet scent Sacred river River Flower Exceding Wise woman Warmth Fair.. Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Holy Book Melodious Melodious tribute The Bhagvat Gita Hill A river A river Gautama's wife Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna Goddess Parvati Bright.GnanaChelvi Intelligent Girl Page 1 of 1 GnanaChelvi GnanaMagal GnanaMalar GnanaMani GnanaVadivu GnanaValli Guna GunaMaalai GunaMalar GunaVadivu Gajalakshmi Gajra Gandhali Ganga Gangika Ganika Ganjan Gargi Garima Gauranga Gauri Gaurika Gayatri Geet Geeta Geeti Geetika Gina Ginni Gira Giribala Girija Girisha Gita Gitali Gitanjali Gitashri Giva Godavri Gomti Gopa Gopi Gorma Gowri Govindi Greeshma Greta Gulab Gunjana Gunwanti Gurjari Gyanada Intelligent Girl Intelligent Girl Intelligent Flower Intelligent Gem Symbol of Intelligence Intelligent Good Character. Parvati a devotee of Lord krishna summer season A pearl rose buzzing of a bee virtuous a raga Goddess Saraswati http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.oferr.

10/18/2006 ..Harini Goddess Lakshmi top Page 1 of 1 Harini Haima Haimi Hamsa Hamsini Hansa Hansika Hansini Haribala Harini Harita Harnisya Harper Harshal Harshi Harshini Harshita Harsika Hasina Hasita Heena Heer Heera Hema Hemadri Hemakshi Hemal Hemangi Hemani Hemanti Hemavati Hemlata Henna Hera Hetal Hilary Hillary Hima Himani Hina Hindola Hira Hiral Hiranmayi Hirkani Hiya Hoor Husna Hyma Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Parvati. One who brings happiness Laugh Good Full of laughter Mehendi Generous and understanding Dimond Gold Golden hills Golden eyes Golden Golden bodied Goddess Parvati Of winter Goddess Parvati Golden flower Mehndi Queen of Gods Happy Cheerful or happy cheerful.. happy snow. Saraswathi Swan Swan Swan and beautiful lady Daughter of Lord Vishnu A deer Green One who plays the harp Glad Joyous Joyful Joyful. Snow Golden Swan One who rides a swan. another name for Parvati fragrance a raga diamond.. winter snow.oferr. another name for Lakshmi lustrous golden small diamond heart a celestical beautiful Goddess Parvathi http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.

see Kuyil..oferr. see IlamPirai Princess Spring (the season). another name for Durga pain brush desired love affection the best among the divine goddess http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. Music Melody.. Youthful Happy Girl Sweetness Sweet Voice Sweet Sweet Moon. see Inimoli Sweet. also Idaya Page 1 of 2 Idhaya Ilakkiya Ilamayil Ilanguyil Ilanila Ilavarasi Ilavenil Inbavalli Inimai Inimoli Iniya Innila Innisai Iraimani Isai Iyalisai IlamPirai IlaNangai Ilangodi Ilavalagi Inimoliyaal Iniyaal Iniyaval Inkurali IsaiNagai IsaiNayagi IsaiAmudhu IsaiArasi IsaiKani IsaiNila Iccha Iha Ihina Ikshu Ila Ina Inayat Indira Indra Indrani Indrasena Indrayani Indu Induja Induleksh Indumati Insiyah Ipsa Ipsita Ira Iravati Isabel Isha Ishana Ishani Ishika Ishita Ishq Ishrat Ishvari Ishwari Heart. desired earth. Youthful Young and Beautiful Girl with Sweet Voice. Music Queen of Music Ultimate Music Isai = Music + Nila = Moon wish the earth enthusiasm sugarcane earth. Music Young Crescent Youthful Girl Tender Vine. muse the river Ravi Dedicated to God one who protects rich gifted by God.. See Iniya & Iniyal Possessing Melodious Voice Isai = Music + Nagai = Smile Queen of Music Melody. Sweet Melody Divine Gem Melody. See Iniya & Iniyaval Sweet. 10/18/2006 . also Ilanguyili Moon Crescent. priestess mother kindness Goddess Lakshmi god of the sky wife of Lord Indra daughter of King Nala the name of a sacred river bright drop narmada river the moon the full moon woman desire wished for. mother.Idhaya Heart. Brilliant. also Idaya A Classic Young Peacock (Peahen) Kuyil .A Bird with Melodious Voice.

Idhaya Heart. also Idaya Page 2 of 2 Ivy a creeper http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www..oferr.. 10/18/2006 ..

Spark... the light of the sun splendour light. Lotus Discussion Celebration Name of three Goddess Dispeller of ignorance Goddess Sita Female offspring Life Flower queen A Flower Fragrant flower Famed Smiles Brainy Hibiscus Victorious Salutation. 10/18/2006 . Laxmi.. Goddess Parvati Victory A sakthi of Ganesha Goddess Parvati Victorious woman Goddess of victory Victory Goddess of Victory Life Glimpse.Jaba Hibiscus Page 1 of 1 Jaba Jafit Jagruti Jagvi Jahnavi Jaishwari Jalaja Jalpa Jalsa Janani Janavika Janisha Janki Januja Janya Jarul Jasmin Jasmine Jasmira Jasmit Jasmitha Jasu Jasum Jasweer Jaya Jayan Jayani Jayanti Jayashree Jayashree Jayna Jeetesh Jeevitha Jhalak Jharna Jheel Jigisha Jigna Jignasa Jilpa Jinal Jiya Joel Joella Joline Joshita Jowaki Juanita Juhi Jui Juily Jyoti Jyotibala Jyotika Jyotirmoyee Jyotishmati Jyotsna Hibiscus Beautiful Awareness Worldly River Ganga Goddess of wealth. a flame lustrous lustrous moonlight http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.oferr. Sudden motion A spring Lake Superior Intellectual Curiosity Academic Curiosity Life giving Lord Vishnu Sweet heart God Lord is willing He will increase pleased a firefly God is gracious a flower a flower a flower brilliant. Victory.

pron. Intelligent Art Queen of Arts Goddess of Arts.oferr. see Kuyila With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish. The River Kaveri. pron. kOdhai Flower on a Vine. See Kumudha Beautiful and Sweet. Also Kayali Parakeet Beautiful Girl. Whose Eyes Smile As Precious as Eyes. kOmagal Intelligent With Beautiful Hair Beautiful like the Kumudham Flower. also KodiMalligai Flower on a Vine Dancing Peacock (Peahen) With Beautiful Eyes like a Kolam Princess. also Kaviya Prosperous. Goddess Saraswathi Name of an Ornament Possessing Sweet Voice The Heroine of Silappadhikaram. Character in Barathiyar's songs Possessing Good Character. also KalaiMagal Sweet As Precious as the Eye With Beautiful Black Hair. Kumudhini Good Character Name of a Unique Flower that blooms every twelve years Name of a Beautiful Flower Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil (Cuckoo). pron. also Kumudham. also Kayal With Pleasant Voice like a Kili Flower on a Vine Girl from Kongu Naadu Youthful Name of a Beautiful Flower. also KalaiChelvi Artistic. See Kumudham also Kundavai http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. also Kuyila With Beautiful Black Hair. Goddess Saraswathi.. also Karpagam Queen of Poetry Beautiful like the Poetic Flower Beautiful like the Poetic Moon Poem With Beautiful Eyes.. also Kayali With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish. See KarungKulali Art Artistic Wealth Artistic Artistic Gem of Arts Language of the Arts Possessing many Artistic Skills Artistic Girl. See KarKulali With Beautiful Black Eyes Sweet Voiced like Kuyil..Kaandhal Attractive Page 1 of 2 Kaandhal Kaaviya Kaveri Kadhiroli Kalai KalaiArasi KalaiMagal Kanaiyali Kanimoli Kannagi Kannammal Karthika Katpagam Kaviarasi Kavimalar KaviNila Kavitha Kayal Kili Kodhai KodiMalli Malligai KodiMullai Mullai KolaMayil KolaVili Komagal Koormadhi Kotravai Kulali Kumudha Kuna Kurinji Kuvalai Kuyili KaarKulali Kala KalaiAmudham KalaiKadhir KalaiMalar KalaiMani KalaiMoli KalaiPoonga KalaiSelvi KalaiSudar KalaiVaani Kaliyammal Kaniamudhu Kanmani KarungKulali Karuvili KaviKuyil Kayal KayalVili Kilimoli KodiMalar KonguMagal Kulamagal Kumari KumudhaMalar Kumudhini Kundhavai Kuppammal Attractive Heroine. kaaveri Brilliant like the Ray of Sun. also KalaiChudar Goddess of Arts. 10/18/2006 .

.oferr. Desireable Gold Jungle Gold A waistband Girl Molecule Grain Bird Beauty Light Beloved Sacred cow Flower a lotus golden girl. A daughter of Taksaka Moonlight Light as a cloud The preaching of a bird Art A bud Loud Blackish Flower Imagination Imaginary Fortunate Lotus Goddess Lakshmi A collection of lotuses Lotus Lotus Wish Beautiful Woman Wish Capable Beautiful..Kaandhal Attractive Page 2 of 2 Kuralarasi Kuyil Kuyilisai KuyilMoli Kaajal Kaasni Kadambini Kairavi Kajri Kakoli Kala Kali Kalika Kalima Kalini Kalpana Kalpita Kalyani Kamal Kamala Kamali Kamalika Kamalini Kamana Kamini Kamna Kamya Kamya Kanaka Kanan Kanchan Kanchi Kani Kanika Kaniksha Kanira Kanjri Kanta Kanti Kanush Kapila Karabi Kareena Kundanika Kunjalata Kunjana Kuntal Kuntala Kunti Kurangi Kusum Kusumanjali Kusumavati Kusumlata With Sweet Voice Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil (Cuckoo). See Kuyili Sweet Voice of the Kuyil. See Kuyili Sweet Voice of the Kuyil. See Kuyili Muscara (surma) Flower A garland of clouds. 10/18/2006 .. a flower forest creeper forest girl hair a woman with luxurious hair the mother of the Pandavas deer flower flower offering flowering flowering creeper http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.

.oferr. victory lustrous. one with auspicious signs on her fortunate fortunate nurturing a beautiful woman redness beautiful. desirable. lightning. modest woman a sensitive plant modest white rose Duryodhana's daughter. 10/18/2006 . charm lustrous Bouyant or Float creeper a creeper small creeper laurel leaves. symbol of honour. beautiful Weary charming playful playful. Learned woman http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www..Lingammal Goddess Parvati Page 1 of 1 Lingammal Logambal Loganayaki Labangalata Laboni Laila Lajja Lajjawati Lajwanti Lajwati Laksha Lakshana Lakshmi Lakshmishree Lalan Lalana Lalima Lalita Lalitya Lamiyah Lana Lata Latangi Latika Laura Lavanya Lea Leela Leelamayee Leelavati Leelu Leena Lehar Lekha Lily Linda Lindsey Lipi Lipika Lisa Lochan Lola Lolita Lopa Lopamudra Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati a flowering creeper grace sweetheart modesty a sensitive plant. crescent moon a flower Pretty one Pool on an Island script a short letter Dedicated to god Bright eyes Goddess Laxmi Ruby Learned Wife of Saint Agastya. a form of Durga loveliness. goddess Durga a form of sugar devoted wave line..

. see Malar Fragrance of Flowers A Painting of Flowers With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Flower Flower. Name of a Flower Name of a Beautiful Bird Goddess Parvathi. also Mayili. Megalai Truely Beautiful Girl.oferr. See Maari Queen of the Hills Flower Vine. Brilliance.. also Mekalai. also Mangaiyarkarasi Gem Necklace Like a Gem From the Lush Green Fields. Jasmine. See Mayil With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish. See Arasi Like Mullai Flower. and Sweet. see Malar Queen of Ladies. Without Blemish Cheerful. Goddess of Rain Pure. Daughter of the Hills Flower Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance. See Mayil Queen with Grace and Beauty like a Peacock. See Muthu Pearl Pearl Shell Beautiful like a Black Pearl Pearl Necklace Beautiful Girl like a Pearl http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. See Kayalvili Excellent Art. also Mallika Cultured Lady Blessed see Mekala A Gem The Lush Green Fields Full of Grace and Beauty like a Peacock (Peahen). Brilliance. Megala. Goddess of Rain. See Mullai Well-versed in all the Thamil arts Well-versed in all the Thamil arts. See Muthu & Mutholi Beautiful like a Pearl Like the Shine on a Pearl Queen of Women Prosperous. see Mangai. also Malini Name of an Auspicious Month Prosperous. Mayila With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish.Maalai Garland of Flowers Page 1 of 3 Maalai Maalini Maargali Maari Maasila Mahilam Maina MalaiMagal Malar Malliga Mangai Mangala Manimegalai ManiMoli Maragadham Marudham Mayil Meena Mekala Meyyalagi Minnal Mullai Muthalagi Muthammal Mutholi Maadharasi Maariyammal Malaiyarasi MalarKodi MalarManam MalarOviyam MalarVili Malathi MangaiArasi Manikodi ManiMaalai ManiNagai ManiTamil Maniyammal Marudhammal Mayilammal MayilArasi Mayilathal MeenVili Melliyal Menmoli Meyyammal Meyyarasi Minnalkodi Mudiyarasi MullaiVadivu Muthamil MuthamilArasi Mutharasi Muthelil Muthu MuthuChippi MuthuKaruppi MuthuMaalai MuthuMaari MuthuMangai Garland of Flowers As Beautiful as Flowers. also Meyyalagu Lightning. See Marudham Full of Grace and Beauty like a Peacock. also Minnoli Name of a Flower with a Lovely Fragrance Beautiful like a Pearl. See Mayil Full of Grace and Beauty like a Peacock. See Kayalvili Who Speaks Kindly Truthful Girl Truthful Lightning. 10/18/2006 .. See Muthamil Beautiful Queen like a Pearl Beautiful like a Pearl. See Minnal Queen.

. melodious sweetness sweetness the spring woman with intozicating eyes strength Goddess Parvati Goddess Durga beautiful fragrance Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Durga Goddess Saraswati great the earth a hostess the earth greatness an intoxicating flower sweet girl a bird another name for Sita sita disciple of sage Parasara a learned woman of the past friendship honeybee necklace Jewel Fish eyes Small daughter Lord Krishna's devotee Cloud Lord Krishna's devotee Smile Sweet person Sweet Friend Friendly Friendship Friend Possessor of friends http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. nectar pleasing metrical composition one who showers honey sweet creeper beautiful honey a flowering creeper full of honey full of honey pleasant night sweet charming. Mythili Maitreya Maitreyi Maitri Makshi Mala Malashree Minakshi Minimol Mira Mira Miraya Misha Mishaye Mishita Mishti Misri Mistie Mita Mitali Mitali Miteelai Mithra Mitravinda Pearl Smile that Resembles a Pearl sweet. the date flower honey.. intoxicating drink.oferr.Maalai Garland of Flowers Page 2 of 3 MuthuMani MuthuNagai MuthuValli Madhavi Madhu Madhuchhanda Madhuksara Madhulata Madhulekha Madhulika Madhumalati Madhumati Madhumita Madhunisha Madhur Madhura Madhuri Madhurima Madhushri Madirakshi Mahabala Mahadevi Mahagauri Mahajabeen Mahak Mahalakshmi Mahamaya Mahasweta Mahati Mahi Mahijuba Mahika Mahima Mahua Mahubala Maina Maithili Maithili.. 10/18/2006 .

oferr. 10/18/2006 ...Maalai Garland of Flowers Page 3 of 3 Mittali Mohit Mohita Mohithira Moksha Moksin Molina Mona Monal Monica Monisha Moubani Mouli Mridini Mridu Mridula Mrinali Mrinmayee Mrithubashini Mrithulika Mritsa Mrittika Mrnalini Mruga Mrunmayi Mudra Mugdha Mukta Mukti Mythili Mythri Mythri Friendship Attracted Attracted Liberation Free The tree that grows from the root Bird Intellectual A flower Sacred thread Goddesss Parvati Gentle An ideal woman Lotus stem Deer's Eye Soft spoken girl Soft Good Earth Mother Earth A collection of lotuses A name of a bird Healing hand movement Innocent young girl Liberated Liberation Princess of mithila Beautiful girl Friendship http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www..

suggestive look Hope pinnacle jewel eyes relating to the eyes pupil of the eye coming from the Southwest direction star mother of the Vedas (same as Gayatri) devotee humility.oferr. etc. also Nadana Beautiful Dancer. Orator. Articulate. See Nithilam Beautiful like Pearl. 10/18/2006 . See Neriya Enchanting Moon Beautiful like the Moon Beautiful Queen like the Moon Beautiful Shine of the Moon Omniscient.. See Nithila Beautiful like Pearl. The Full Moon Beautiful like Pearl.Naamagal Magnificent Poetess. See Neriyaal With Good Character. modesty joyful daughter delightful happy Goddess Lakshmi flower mother of the Vedas flower dance cool breeze Christmas Day Born on Christmas new boat butter new eye http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.. See NadanaMani Beautiful Dancer. See Nithilam pride dancer. also Nallammal Excellent Queen Excellent and Sweet Confident and Sweet Cultured Lady Excellent Flower Excellent Gem Excellent Pearl Good Girl With Good Character Excellent Lotus Flower With Good Character. See Naavarasi Page 1 of 3 Naamagal Naamagal Nadanam NadanaMangai NadanaMani NagaiMuthu Nagammal Nalayani Nallammai Nallarasi Nallini Nambini Nangai Nanmalar Nanmani Nanmoli Nanmuthu Natchelvi Natkuna Natthamarai Neriya Neriyaal Nila Nilavalagi Nilavarasi Nilavoli NiraiMadhi Nithila Nithilam NithilaMani Naaz Nachni Nadia Nadira Nagina Naina Naini Nainika Nairita Najma Nalini Namita Namrata Nanda Nandana Nandini Nandita Narayani Nargis Narmada Narois Nartan Naseen Natalie Natasha Natun Nauka Navaneeta Naveena Nayana Magnificent Poetess. Beautiful Dance.. See NadanaMangai Excellent Girl.

Goddess Lakshmi lotus flower upright good behaviour yearning rainy. Ganges Small Blue-eyed Clothed in blue The first light of the dawn Blue beauty Blue Plant Blue mountain's top Momentary Minute Fixed* Beautiful eyes Misty Different Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Goddess Laxmi Young. Moksha Nature Night Getting stronger Alert Honest Determination http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www..Naamagal Magnificent Poetess.oferr. handsome eye beautifuleyed Wealth Wealth Treasure Lord The girl who is admired by looking itself Ever living girl Collection Earth.. See Naavarasi Page 2 of 3 Nayantara Nazima Neela Neelabja Neelakshi Neelam Neelanjana Neelkamal Neepa Neeraja Neerja Neeta Neeti Neha Nehal Netra Netravati Nidhi Nidhi Nidhipa Niharika Nihira Nihitha Nikara Nikisha Nikita Nikki Nilakshi Nilambari Nilaruna Nilashri Nilima Nilini Nilshikha Nimisha Nimisha Nimita Nina Ninarika Nipeksha Nirali Niranjana Niranjana Niravi Nirja Nirjara Nirmala Nirmalya Nirmiti Nirupama Nirvana Nisarga Nisha Nishay Nishchith Nishi Nishita Nishka Nishra Nishree Nishtha iris song blue blue lotus blue-eyed sapphire blue blue lotus name of a flower lotus.. Orator. Articulate. Not becoming old Clean New construction Matchless Heaven. etc. 10/18/2006 .

Orator.. 10/18/2006 . See Naavarasi Page 3 of 3 Nistha Nita Nithya Niti Nitya Nityapriya Nityasri Nivedha Nivedita Nivedita Nivriti Niyati Noshi Nripamala Nupoor Nutan Firmness Led. Articulate.. Guided..oferr. Well behaved Eternal Ethics Eternal Ever-pleasing With eternal beauty Surrendered Offered to God Bliss Destiny Sweet Anklet New.Naamagal Magnificent Poetess. etc. Fresh http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.

also OliSudar Page 1 of 1 OliChudar Olikodi Olimani Oliyarasi Oppilaa OppilaaChelvi OppilaaNangai Oviya OviyaKodi Oviyam Oditi Oja Ojasvi Ojal Ojaswini Olena Omana Omaja Omisha Onella Oni Orpita Brilliant..oferr.. See Oppilaa Like a Beautiful Art Vine in a Beautiful Art Beautiful Art Dawn Vitality Bright vision lustrous Light a woman Result of spiritual unity Goddess of birth and death Light Shelter Offering http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.OliChudar Brilliant. See Oppilaa Unique Lady. also OliSudar Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Unique Unique Girl.. 10/18/2006 .

10/18/2006 . Beautiful. see Nila Beauty Personified. also Pavai Good Character Goddess Paarvathi also Pattammal Queen.Paadini Pleasing Song. also Alagi. see Arasi Girl of Great Beauty. River Kaveri.. Peralagu Name of a Beautiful Flower Crescent.oferr. also Padini Page 1 of 4 Paadini Paavai Padhumai Panbu Parimala Parvathi Pattu Pavalam Pechi Pennarasi Peralagi Pichipoo Pirai Polivu PonMalar Ponnagai Ponnammal Ponni Ponnilai Poomaalai Poovarasi PugalVadivu Punnagai Putholi Paavarasi PachaiKili PachaiKodi Pachaiyammal Palaniammal PandiyaMagal Pandiammal PangayarChelvi Pattammal Pattatharasi PavalaKodi PavalaMaalai PavalaMani PavalaValli Pechiyammal Pennalagu PeriyaNayagi Perumagal Polil Beauty PonMaalai Ponmani Ponnalagu Ponnarasi PonniyinSelvi PonVadivu Poomagal Poomani PoomPavai PoonCholai PoonChittu Poonga Poongodi Poongodhai Poongulali Poovai Poovalagi Poovamma Pleasing Song.. See Kaveri Golden Leaf Garland of Flowers Beautiful Queen Resembling a Flower Admirable Girl Lovely Smile New Light Queen of Songs Pandiya Girl Pandiya Girl Queen Beautiful Gold Necklace Beautiful Gem Golden Beauty Golden Queen A Chola Girl Golden Beautiful Girl resembling a Flower Flower Gem Beautiful Girl Flower Garden Flower Garden Flower Vine Beautiful Girl With Hair resembling a Flower Like a Beautiful Flower Beautiful like a Flower Beautiful like a Flower http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.. see Polil Golden Flower Golden Smile Golden Girl Golden. also Padini Beautiful Girl.

10/18/2006 .. Goddess Parvathi Goddess Sita Queen "Graceful. Flow of Water" Wife of Lord Shiva Festival A bond Goddess Durga Goddess Saraswati Goddess Ganga Pure Anklets Phase / time of day Bow shaped Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Full moon Complete A blooming lotus Full moon The one who's brought up in flowers Light Origin. also PugalNangai Admirable Girl Lotus Goddess Laxmi Divine lotus Lotus The start Bird Eye lid White Bud Honey River Princess Goddress Parvathi Skilful Admired Lotus Petal Sentence Emerald Fairy Limit Fragnance Fairy Married woman Complete In each ditection Extremely free Flower Wisdom A small leaf. Starting point http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.Paadini Pleasing Song.. also Padini Page 2 of 4 PotChelvi Potkodi PotPaavai PotThamarai PugalMaalai PugalMangai Pugaloli Padma Padmaja Padmashri Padnuni Pahal Pakhi Palak Palaksi Pallavi Pameela Pampa Panchali Panchami Panini Panita Pankaja Pankhadi Pankti Panna Pari Paridhi Parimala Parina Parineeta Parinita Parita Parivita Pariyat Parmita Parnika Parthavi Parthi Parul Parvati Parvini Pasha Patala Paulomi Pavaki Pavani Pavitra Payal Pehr Pinakini Pinga Pingla Pinky Poonam Poorna Poornakamala Poornima Poshika Prabha Pracheeta Golden Girl Golden Vine.. Precious Golden Girl Golden Lotus Admirable Girl Admirable Girl.oferr.

10/18/2006 . Honest Wisdom Wisdom Fragnant flower Mother of the people. also Padini Page 3 of 4 Prachi Pradnya Prafula Pragalbha Pragathi Pragati Pragna Pragun Pragya Pragya Prajakta Prajakta Prajna Prajusha Prakalp Prakalpa Prakhya Prakriti Prakriti Prakriti Pramila Pramiti Pranali Pranavi Pranaya Pranidhi Pranita Pranjal Pranvuta Prapti Prarthana Prashansa Prashansa Prashanthi Prasheetha Prasheila Prashri Pratheeka Pratibha Pratika Pratiksha Pratima Pratitha Pratiti Pratyusha Pravallika Pravanya Praveena Pravesha Prayuta Preet Preetha Preity Premila Prerna Prestha Prianka Prina Prinaka Prisha Prisha East Wisdom.oferr. Starting point Ancient time Symbol. Loving. Beautiful Nature One of Arjuna's wife Wisdom Organisation Goddess Parvathi Leader Spy Promoted Honest and Dignified Praised Advantage Prayer Praise Praise Highest peace Origin.Paadini Pleasing Song. Beautiful Splendour Brightness Intelligence Symbolic Awaiting Idol Well known Faith Bright morning Flower Skilled To enter Mingled with Love Happy Full of love Inspiration Dearest Favourite Content The girl who brings heaven to earth Beloved.. Buddhi In bloom Goddess Durga Progress Progress Knowledge Straight.. Goddess of creation Goddess Saraswati Morning Project Project Appearance Nature.. God's gift Morning http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.

Poonam Punarnava Punita Purna Purnima Purva Purvaja Pushpa Pushpanjali Pushpita Putul Loved one Mother of Pandavas. holy complete..oferr.Paadini Pleasing Song. also Padini Page 4 of 4 Prital Pritha Prithika Priti Pritika Priya Priyal Priyamvada Priyanka Prutha Puja Pujita Puloma Punam. blossom flower offering decorated with flowers doll http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.Kunti Flower Love Loved one Beloved Beloved Sweet tongued Daughter of earth worship worshipped wife of the sage Bhrigu full moon a star sacred. 10/18/2006 ... abundant full moon elder elder sister flower.

Quarrtulain God's mercy Page 1 of 1 Quarrtulain Quasar Quentin God's mercy meteor Old English for "from the Queen's land" http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.. 10/18/2006 ...oferr.

Limit Song "Particle. Mother of Parasuram" Silky To move Wealth Prosperity http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. Brilliant Night Brilliant Bond of protection Protection Pleasing Goddess Laxmi Beautiful woman Pleasing Pleasing The one who takes interest in everything Splendour Delightful Quick Queen Enjoyment Pleasant A collection of wealth.Ragini Page 1 of 2 Ragini Rangammal RangaNayagi Rangini Raaka Rabhya Rachana Rachita Rachitha Rachna Radha Radhika Ragavi Ragi Ragini Rahela Raina Raja Rajashri Rajeshri Raji Rajika Rajita Rajni Rajul Rajvi Rakhi Raksha Rakti Rama Ramini Ramita Ramitha Ramola Ramra Ramya Ranhita Rani Ranjan Ranjudeep Ranya Rashi Rashmi Rasna Rati Ratna Ratti Raveena Raya Rebha Reema Reena Rekha Reneeka Renu Renuka Reshika Reshma Reva Revathi Revati Full Moon Worshipped Creation Created Created Creation Lord Krishna's lover Successful Loving Melody King-Queen Royalty Queen Shining Lamp Bright. Sign Sun Rays Ray Joy Precious gem Wife of Kamdeva Sunny Flow. Sated with drink Sings praises Goddess Durga.oferr. 10/18/2006 .. grain. White antelope Gem Line..sand" "Name of Jamadagni..

radiant beauty.. brilliant. 10/18/2006 . lustre desirable wife of Shiva Goddess Durga soul golden consort of Lord Krishna brilliant wife a Sugriva beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful Season Speech http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.The writing of the Vedas Fortunate Full of love Innocent Innocense Rose Goddess Durga Dissolved Saintly Moonbeam Way of life Of a stream Movement Of brass Traditional Season Leafy season a singer sandalwood tree Lakshmi Beautiful Rose light Little Rose bright bright...oferr.Ragini Page 2 of 2 Rewa Rhea Rheeya Ria Richa Riddhi Ridhima Rijul Rijuta Rikisha Rima Rimsha Rina Rinkal Risha Rishikha Rishima Rishma Rita Ritambhra Rithika Rithya Ritika Ritika Ritisha Ritsika Ritu Rituparna Ritvika Riya Rohini Roma Rosalinda Roshni Rosita Rubaina Rucha Ruchi Ruchira Rudrani Rudrapriya Ruhi Rukma Rukmini Ruksana Ruma Rupa Rupali Rupashi Rupashri Ruth Rutva Swift Singer Singer Hymn.

see Chudarmani wife of Lord Indra pearl liberation good virtues fulfulment worship virtuous woman achiever kindly priestly chaste wave. See Chudaroli Fragrance. also Sandhana Page 1 of 3 Sandana Sarala SelvaMalar Selvarasi Selvi Sembaruthi Senbagam Sendhen Sendalir Sentamarai Sentamil Sevandhi Silambu Sivakani Sivani Soodamani Sudar SudarOli Surabi SandanaChelvi Sandanammal SandanaValli SendhilVadivu Selvakumari SelvaMangai SelvaNayagi Sengamalam SenTamilChelvi SenTamilMani Silambarasi SilambuChelvi Solaiammal Sollalagi Subbammal SudarKodi SudarMadhi SudarMani Sachi Sadaf Sadgati Sadguna Sadhan Sadhana Sadhvi Sadhika Sadiqua Saeeda Safia Sagarika Saguna Sahana Saheli Sahiba Sahila Sai Sajala Sajili Sajni Sakhi Sakina Salena Fragrance. Hibiscus Name of a Beautiful Flower Sweet as Pure Honey also SenThalir Red Lotus Flower. also SandanaSelvi. see SelvaMangai Prosperous Girl. see Cholaiammal Beautiful and Articulate Brilliant. see Sandana Fragrance Prosperous Girl. also Senthamil Chrysanthemum.Sandana Fragrance. See Chudar Brilliant. also SenthamilSelvi. see Sandana Fragrance.. 10/18/2006 .. born in the ocean possessed of good qualities a raga friend the lady guide a flower clouds decorated beloved friend friend the moon http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. see Chudarmadhi Brilliant. also Sevandi Name of an Ornament Goddess Parvathi Pristine Gem Brilliant. See Sentamarai Pure Tamil Girl.oferr. see Sudar. see Sentamil Tamil Gem. also SenThamarai Pure Tamil. also Sandhana Fluent Prosperous + Flower Prosperous Girl Youthful Name of a Beautiful Flower... Chudarkodi Brilliant. also SelvaNangai Prosperous Girl Red Lotus Flower. See Sentamil Garden Girl.

personified truthful lightning the sun lustre of the sun http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www... united leafy Goddess good sight straight. also Sandhana Page 2 of 3 Salila Salima Salma Samata Sameena Samhita Samidha Samiksha Samit Samita Sampada Sampatti Sampriti Sana Sananda Sanchali Sanchaya Sanchita Sandhaya Sandhya Sangita Saniya Sanjana Sanjivani Sanjukta Sanjula Sanjushree Sankul Sannidhi Sanvali Sanskriti Santawana Santayani Sanwari Sanyakta Saparna Sarada Sarakshi Sarala Sarama Saranya Sarasi Saraswati Sarayu Sarbani Sarika Sarit Sarjana Saroj Saroja Sarojini Saruprani Sasmita Sati Satya Satyaki Satyarupa Satyavati Saudamini Savita Savitashri water happy peace equality happy a vedic omposition an offering for a sacred fire overview collected collected wealthy wealth attachement praise. creation lotus lotus lotus beautiful woman smiling chaste woman truth one who is truthful truth.. prayer happy movement collection collection collection dusk. twilight musical moment gentle immortality wife of king prithviraj beautiful beautiful full of nearness dusky culture consolation of the evening dusky joined. 10/18/2006 . honest wife of Bibhisan surrendered lake goddess of learning a holy river Goddess Durga a koel river creative.Sandana Fragrance.oferr.

oferr. 10/18/2006 ..Sandana Fragrance... also Sandhana Page 3 of 3 Swadha Swapanthi Swapna Swapnika Swapnila Swara Swarnika Swastika Swati Swetambari Swetlana Syoni Goddess Lakshmi Dream like Dream Dreaming girl Tones or self shining in Sanskrit Gold Star Fairy dressed in white http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.

See SelvaMalar Gold. Beautiful.Tamarai Lotus Flower.. also Thamarai Beautiful Tamil Tamil Queen Goddess Earth Consort of God Murugan. Precious Gift of God Who Speaks Sweet like Honey Breeze. also Togai.. darkness night a musical instrument son rope slenderness absorbed dedicated salute of paradise body daughter slender beautiful the river Godavari a female ascetic the sun's daughter a river star. Inspiring.oferr. Toagai Pure Name of a Fragrant Holy Plant a flower a tree with very dark bark belonging to a place full of Tamal desire a river.. Beautiful. 10/18/2006 . Daughter of God Indiran Prosperous + Flower. wife of Lord Brihaspati star Goddess Parvati starry night honeybee a musical composition river melody starlet Goddess Parvati the first finger tree creeper young girl young girl youth river place of pilgrimage a river elegance lustrous lustrous lustrous http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. also Thamarai Page 1 of 2 Tamarai Tamayanti Tamilalagi TamilArasi Tarani Teyvanai ThanaMalar Thangam ThavaMalar ThenMoli Thenral ThenSudar ThiruMagal Thiruvoli Thogai Thooya Thulasi Tabassum Tamali Tamalika Tamanna Tamasa Tamasi Tambura Tanaya Tanika Tanima Tanmaya Tannishtha Tanseem Tanu Tanuja Tanuka Tanushri Tapani Tapasi Tapati Tapti Tara Taraka Tarakeshwari Tarakini Tarala Tarana Tarangini Tarannum Tarika Tarini Tarjani Taru Tarulata Taruni Tarunika Tarunima Tatini Teertha Teesta Tehzeeb Tejal Tejaswi Tejaswini Lotus Flower. also Thendral Goddess Lakshmi Beautiful Feathers.

........ Dew Belongs to Lord Goddess Durga Bright .....................................oferr.................................. also Thamarai Page 2 of 2 Thahiya Thaneesha Thankam Thanmayu Tiara Tilika Timila Tisya Tithi Titiksha Tiya Toshani Toya Trayi Treya Triambika Triambika Tridiva Trijagati Trilochana Tripta Tripti Tripura Triputa Trisha Trishala Trishna Trishona Trishulini Triti Triveni Triya Trusha Tuhi Tuhina Tulika Tulsi Tulya Turanya Turvi Turya Tusara Tushita Tvadeeya Tvarita Tvisha Twisha Ambition Royalty jewels Auspicious symbol An instrument Auspicious Date Forgiveness A bird Goddess Durga Water Intellect one who walks on three paths Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvathi Heaven Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Satisfaction Satisfaction Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Wish...... Snow........................... http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www......................... 10/18/2006 ............ Beautiful.Tamarai Lotus Flower......... Desire Trident Desire Desire Goddess Durga A moment in time Young girl Thirst Bird sound Dew drop A paint brush Sacred plant Equalled Swift Superior Spiritual power Cold... Frost...... Mist......

Ujjala Ulka Ulupi Uma Umaimah Umang Umika Umrao Unnati Upala Upama Upasana Ura Urja Urmi Urmila Urmila.oferr.. pron. worship. pron Page 1 of 1 UdiraMalar Ulagammal UlagaNayagi UlagArasi Ullalagi Umayal UnmaiArasi Uthami Uyirmani Ubika Ucchal Udita Uditi Ujas Ujjanini Ujwala.. udhiraamalar also.. Uyir = Soul + Mani = Gem Growth Perception sunrise rising bright an ancient city bright shooting star wife of Arjuna.UdiraMalar Fresh Flower.Lord Rama's brother garland of waves cover firm the most beautiful Apsara in the three worlds the earth dawn the first rays morning a river lotus spring superior http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. night little mother enthusiasm. Ulagammai Queen of the World Queen of the World With Inner Beauty Goddess Parvathi Truthful Truthful Precious. happiness Goddess Parvati noble progress sandy shore simile devotion. the Pandava prince tranquility. homage the heart energy wave wife of Lakshmana wife of Lakshmana . Urmil Urmimala Urna Urshita Urvashi Urvi Usha Ushakiran Ushashi Usri Utpala Utsa Uttara Fresh Flower. 10/18/2006 .

oferr. name of a river Varunani goddess of the sea Varuni wife of the lord of the sea. another name for Sarasvati Vanita loved Varada Goddess Lakshmi Varana a river Vari water... Vaishnodevi Goddess Parvati Vaishnavi worshipper of Vishnu Vallari Goddess Parvati. Lustre.Vagdevi Goddess Sarawati Page 1 of 2 Vagdevi Goddess Sarawati Vahini flowing Vaidehi name of Sita Vaidya healer Vaijayanti a garland of Lord Vishnu Vaijayantimala a garland of Lord Vishnu Vaishali an ancient city of India Vaishavi. a lotus Varsha rain Varuna wife of the lord of the sea. a form of Durga Vanadurga Goddess Parvati Vanaja forest born Vanamala garland of forests Vanani forest Vandana worship Vandita worshipped Vanhi fire Vanhishikha flame Vani wish. Splendour. creeper Valli creeper Vama beautiful. Goddess Durga Vasanti of spring Vasavi wife of Indra Vasudha the earth Vasudhara beautiful Vasumati the earth Vasundhara the earth Vatsala affectionate Vati Nature Vedanti Knower of the vedas Vedha Pious Vedika Consciousness Veeksha Vision.. Knowledge Venah Pining Venika Holy river Venuka Flute Venya Lovable Vibali Young Vibha Light Vibha Light. Glory Vibhavari Night with full of stars Vibhi Fearless Vibhuti Goddess Laxmi Vibusha Bright Vidhi Goddess of Destiny Vidisha A river Vidita A goddess Vidushi Learned Vidya Goddess Durga Vijayalakshmi Goddess Of Victory Vijayanthi Winning Vikasni Goddess Lakshmi http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. 10/18/2006 . desire. sea Varija born of water.

oferr. Behaviour Thought Divine http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.. modest. 10/18/2006 .Vagdevi Goddess Sarawati Page 2 of 2 Vimla Vimudha Vina Vinamra Vinanti Vinati Vinaya Vinita Vinutha Vipanchi Vipasha Vipra Virendri Virika Visha Vishaka Vishalakshi Vishali Vishalya Vishma Vishva Vishwa Vistarini Vithika Viti Vivekka Vividha Vrinda Vrindaa Vrishti Vritee Vritika Vrushali Vyomini Clean Goddess Lakshmi Musical instument Modest Request Prayer Humble Knowledge.. venus Exceptionally new Lute Old name of the river Vyas Moon Goddess of Beauty Bravery Stars Goddess Durga Painless World A goddess Pathway Light Intelligent and witty Strange Goddess Radha Tulsi Rain Nature..

10/18/2006 .oferr..Waheeda unique. singular unique. singular Page 1 of 1 Waheeda Wahidah Wakeeta Wamika Wamil unique. singular Beautiful flower Goddess Durga beautiful http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www...

10/18/2006 . Enchanted Women Young girl Bounded with Goddess Lakshmi charms A device Flower Young lady Young. Devotion and sacrifice Nocturnal Holy river Night Precious to god The one who gives success Famous Successful lady Success Foster mother of Lord Krishna Glory To succeed Slim Quick... Strong. Earth Worship.. Swift Wanderer.Yachana Pleading Page 1 of 1 Yachana Yadavi Yahvi Yajna Yakksheeta Yamini Yamuna Yamuni Yamya Yana Yashada Yashasvi Yashawini Yashica Yashita Yashmita Yashoda Yashodhara Yashwini Yasti Yavna Yayaati Yema Yochana Yogita Yogita Yogya Yonita Yoshita Yousha Yuktha Yukti Yutika Yuvati Yuvina Yuvna Yuvraani Pleading Goddess Durga Heaven. Healthy Princess http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www. Traveller Our Joy Thought A female disciple Bewitched.oferr.

fair golden beauty http://localhost/download/My%20Web%20Sites/tamil%20baby%20names-1/www.Zahra beautiful.oferr.fair Page 1 of 1 Zahra Zarine Zeenat beautiful.... 10/18/2006 .

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