Employee: Factory employee who is new to the job Style: Autocratic Reason: The employee is new and needs

to learn what to do Employee: Laundry worker who sorts laundry. Style: Bureaucratic Reason: Employee is performing a routine task over and over Employee: Highly skilled account representative Style: Democratic Reason: Employee is very experienced and can contribute to decision making Employees: Three long-time receptionists all ask for the same day off for legitimate reasons Style: Democratic Reason: Employees are used to working together and can help solve the problem Employees: Employees are receiving CPR training Style: Bureaucratic Reason: Safety or security training must be done the same way each time. Employee: A programmer refuses to follow the company's coding policies Style: Autocratic Reason: The employee is challenging the manager's power Employee: District salesperson who spends most of the year on the road Style: Laissez-faire Reason: Employee is able to perform work without supervision Trending Now

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