The Retreat House on Foliage Pond Vacationland, New Hemisphere November 15, 1986. Dr. Williams E.

Loffin 123 Main Street Boston, Massachusetts Dear Dr.Loflin: I convey my apology for the behavior meted out to you that evening which made you feel the experience at The Retreat House wasn’t worth the price. I assure that it wont happen the next time. We would specially take care for the undesirable experience you faced would not happen in future. We would be very glad if someday you would pay us a return visit so that we may provide you with the happy and enjoyable dining experience that many others have come to appreciate at the retreat house. We have also enclosed free discount coupons for you which would be valid whenever you wish to come. It would be our pleasure to host you again for a dinner someday.

Sincerely Gail Pearson

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