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1) If you.....two and one you .... three. a) adds/gets b) add/get 1) B c) added/get d) adding/getting 2) If Mary .... the game, she......

the next champion. a) wins/be 2C b) wins/will is c) wins/will be d) won/will be e) "a" e "b"

3) Where would you go if you....... a rich person? a) was b) is c) are d) were 3) D e) be

4) If he........ them, they ....... said "no". a) has asked/will b) had asked/will have c) had ask/would have d) had asked/would have e) none of the above
4) D

5) Water ..... if you ..... it to 100C. a) boil/heat b) boils/heat c) boiled/heat d) boils/heats e) "b" e "d" 5) B

6) If she.......... the bus, she .......... late. a) hadn't missed/wouldn't have been b) had missed/wouldn't have been c) missed/ wouldn't have been f) hadn't missed/will have been
6) A

7) If Chris were here, she..... know what to say. a) will b) would c) 'd d) would have e) "a" e "b" 7) E

8) What would you have done if he .... got hurt? a) has b) will c) had d) have e) "a" e "c" 8) C

9) If I were a millionaire, I ....... go everywhere. a) could b) would c) will d) have e) a e b 9) E

10) If I get hurt, I..... sue you. a) have b) has c) going to d) will e) would 10) D

12) Mary will come...... it is safe. a) unless b) as long as 12) B 13) Mary won't come..... it is safe. a) unless b) as long as
13) A