Lecture 18: Telecommunications Management Network (TMN

Prof. Shervin Shirmohammadi SITE, University of Ottawa
Prof. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-1

• Necessity for interoperability • Need for management of more than just the network components • Networks / subnetworks need to be managed • Services - internal and external need management • Business management needs to be addressed • TMN joint effort by ITU-T and ISO
Prof. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-2


g. – Trunk is a logical connection between two switching nodes – Periodic measurement of loss and S/N of all trunks – Failing threshold set for QoS. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-3 OS: Telephone Switch Traffic • • • • Traffic monitored at switch Call blocking statistics obtained Traffic and call-blocking statistics provide data for planning Importance of Operations.1 Operations System for Network Transmission Prof. administration. failing trunks removed out of service before the customer complains Transmission Test System Nodes Trunk Test System Telecommunication Network Transmission Test System Voice Public Switch Voice Transmission Links Public Switch Figure 11..Operations System • Refers to operations support system • E.2 Operations System for Traffic Measurement 2 . maintenance. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-4 Figure 11. and provisioning Traffic Measurement System Traffic Counter Data / Telecommunication Network Traffic Counter Nodes Router / Switch Transmission Links Router / Switch Prof.

4 TMN Conceptual Model 18-6 3 .TMN in Data and Telecom Networks Telecommunications Management Network Operations System Operations System NMS Operations System Workstation Data Communication Network Switching System Voice Transmission System Switching System Transmission System Switching System Voice Telecommunication Network Figure 11. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 Figure 11. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-5 TMN Conceptual Model Service provider A Service provider B Customers Customers Services provided by Telecommunications Provider Services provided by Telecommunications Provider Network Network Q3 Q3 Operations Systems Q3 OS OS F Workstation System Operators X Operations Systems Q3 OS OS F Workstation System Operators Prof.3 TMN Relationship to Data and Telecommunication Network Prof.

. e..TMN Architecture • Functional architecture: – Functional modules or blocks – Reference points between modules • • Physical architecture: – Physical blocks – Physical interfaces between the blocks Informational architecture: – Information exchange between entities – Object oriented TMN Architecture Functional Architecture Physical Architecture Figure 11. proxy server.. filtering. NM agent. protocol conversion MF can be shared between multiple OSSs. GUI QAF: Adapter function to accommodate non-TMN entities. Shervin Shirmohammadi TMN B OSF x TMN A OSF q3 OSF q3 q3 MF • f WSF qx qx MF Mediation Function NEF Network Element Function OSF Operations Systems Function QAF Q Adapter Function WSF Workstation Function • • • NEF QAF Figure 11.g.g. RMON WSF: Human-TMN activities interface.7 TMN Functional Architecture CEG 4395 18-8 4 .g. NMS. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-7 Functional Architecture • • • OSF: Functions performed by Operations systems E. trouble tracking NEF: Functions needed to support network elements. collision rate MF: Operations on the information between network elements. MIB. accounting. SNMP-to-CMIP Prof. testing. e.g.g.6 TMN Architecture Informational Architecture Prof.g. e. e. network elements themselves are not part of TMN: e.

TMN Reference Point • Function blocks connected by conceptual interfaces. e. called reference point • Designated by lower case letters (upper case letter for physical interfaces) • x: Interface between operations systems that belong to different domains. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-9 Physical Architecture Operations System (OS) X TMN Operations System (OS) X/F/Q3 Data Communications Network (DCN) F/Q3 Mediation Device (MD) F Workstation Q3 Qx Q3 Data Communications Network (DCN) Qx Qx Q Adapter (QA) Network Element (NE) Q Adapter (QA) Network Element (NE) Prof. interface between two NMSs belonging to two different domains • q3: Interface between two OSFs in the same domain • qx: Interface between mediation function such as RMON and agent in the network element • f: Interface to the workstation Function Block Reference Point Function Block Figure 11..g. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-10 5 .8 TMN Reference Point Prof.

SNMP also supported • two types of communication services: – Interactive • ROSE used by CMISE • RPC in the Internet world – File-oriented • OSI File Transfer Access Management (FTAM) • Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Operations / Requests Manager Responses Notifications / Traps Agent Figure 11. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-12 6 .11 TMN Service Architecture Prof. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-11 Management Service Architecture Business Management q3 Service Management q3 Network Management q3 Element Management q3 Managed Network Element Figure 11.Information Architecture • Initially adopted the OSI architecture: CMIP/CMIS • Later.10 TMN Information Architecture Prof.

13 TMN Services and Functions Prof.14 TMN Realization Example (NMF) CEG 4395 18-14 7 . Point Equipment Configuration Q3 Equipment Alarms Element Management Net Element Cust Admin Net Element Switch Mgmt Net Element Trans Eqpt Mgmt Prof. Shervin Shirmohammadi Figure 11. Shervin Shirmohammadi CEG 4395 18-13 TMN Logical Layered Architecture Example (NMF) Customer Service Management Service Details Physical Realization of TMN Architecture Business Management q3 Ref.TMN Services & Functions TMN Management Services Business Management Service Management Network Management Element Management System Management Functional Areas Configuration Management Fault Management Performance Management Security Management Accounting Management DCF OSF WSF NEF TMN Function Blocks MF QAF System Management Functions Object Management Alarm Management TMN Functional Components NM Manager Presentation Function CMISE M-GET / GET-REQUEST M-SET / SET-REQUEST M-CREATE Remote Procedure Call ACSE ROSE Communication Transport Service (OSI Presentation Layer) Figure 11. Point Service Configuration Q3 Serviceimpacting Events Network Management Net Mgmt Routing Admin Net Mgmt Traffic Admin Net Mgmt Restoration q3 Ref. Point Q3 Performance and Billing Data Service Management Service Mgmt Tarif/Charging Service Mgmt Provisioning Service Mgmt Other q3 Ref.