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Fish Friday 1

Fish Friday 1

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Published by: Cassandra Profita on Oct 01, 2012
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Fish Friday Club: Get Hooked

Skipanon Brand Seafood

Seasonal Seafood The seafood industry is a seasonal industry. We live in a region that provides a bounty of seafood 12 months a year! Your weekly cooler will be packed with top quality seafood that comes directly from the boat to our processing plant & cannery in Warrenton. Each cooler comes with recipes and news from Skipanon Brand Seafood. Vacation Credit If you're planning to be out of town for vacation, tell us at least 10 days in advance and we will give you credit for up to two coolers during the season. Seafood Cooler Here is an example of a schedule (based on the time of year) for the 2 serving order ($20 value): Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Fresh salmon Oregon Dungeness Crab Meat & a can of Chinook Salmon Smoked Salmon & Razor Clams Fresh Oregon Albacore Tuna & Oregon Pink Shrimp Willapa Bay Oysters in the shell fresh Rockfish

We understand that it can be difficult to let us make the decision about what goes in your cooler each week. But, please realize we are making the decision based on what high quality product is available on that day of the week. As you know, there will be days when the boat we’re expecting doesn’t make it back to the dock on time. However, when a fresh seafood product isn’t available, it will be replaced by Skipanon Brand canned seafood (for a complete list, visit our website at www.skipanonbrand.com), smoked seafood, or seafood previously frozen for quality purposes. Shop Local Your support is a direct contribution to a local family owned and operated business. Skipanon Brand Seafood, home of Oregon Ocean Seafood, began 33 years ago by Norman & Judy Kujala. Today, their son Mark owns and operates the cannery. Their other son, Paul, is owner and captain of the Cape Windy Fishing Vessel. The cannery, located in Warrenton, employs up to 10 people during the year.

Fish Friday Club: Get Hooked
Skipanon Brand Seafood
Name: _________________________________________________________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________________________________

Pick-Up Location Astoria Co-Op 1355 Exchange Street #1 Astoria, OR - 1:00 pm -8:00 pm - You are responsible for picking up your seafood cooler at the Astoria Co-Op every Friday. If you can’t pick up your cooler, you can send a friend or neighbor (but, they might be tempted to eat your dinner!)

Pick a Portion & a Plan: 2 servings/week Quantity _______ _______ _______ X $80 X $520 X $995 30 day trial offer* 26 weeks ($20/week) 52 weeks ($19.13/week) = = = Total _______ _______ _______

TOTAL: _________

*trial offer only good for 1 month/customer Membership Sign up for the “Fish Friday Club” must be placed before the 1st Friday of the month. Full payment is due at time of order. Cash, check or credit card. Contact: Skipanon Brand Seafood Mark Kujala, Owner PO Box 400 Warrenton, OR 97146 (503) 861-8277 Mark@skipanonbrand.com

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