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Champ Elysese D'Assise

Champ Elysese D'Assise

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Published by Joseph Markenstein
French poem with English Translation. Inspired by St. Francis, I "championed" this peom for him.
French poem with English Translation. Inspired by St. Francis, I "championed" this peom for him.

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Published by: Joseph Markenstein on Oct 02, 2012
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Champ Elysese


©Joseph Markenstein Spetember 29th, 2012

Le champ obscure, Ce qui dure, Pleur peur pour Un jour tour de jour. Lourd en amour, Masabielle bien source! Ma Mère, Ma Sæur; Ma Toit, Ma “Flæur!” Depuis ma naiscence Ma recollection Science Été commencer, Avant la calandrer. Sur ce champ, Le cæur, le lamp; Ait été ploier, Leur neaient soiée. Marie, ta larm Est ma belle arm! Vos yeux plus de Crepuscule bleue! Le profondeur De Votre Seigneur, Embrume est fait; Entrer exsangiuné Christ est le mot, Le mote, et Le flot.

Concéder la, Dieu commencaient en bas!

Mercie Mon Dieu!

Translation: The field obscure It is from berrr, Tears feared for A lore of all lore. Heavy in love, Massabielle from above! My Mother, My Sister; My Roof, My Baluster! Since my birth, My recollection so girth Has commenced Before all sense. For this Champ, A heart, a lamp, Shall have ployed Their wise void. Mary, your tear Is my free from all fear. Your eyes more Singing blue floor.

The profound, Of your Ground Embroiled in mist, Enters a bleeding heart kissed! Christ is the boat, The mote and the float. Consider then; God has descended hence!

Thank You God!

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