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Published by: Tarun Singh on Oct 02, 2012
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Case study on Shopper’s Stop

Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty

Report by Girish S.Sivasankaran Srinath Manivannan M.Sivanandam S.Karthikeyan Arindam Chatterjee Santosh Kumar Kesarwani

5 million active members across India. This was designed with an objective of making the customers feel special. Special priority was given to the members like separate billing desk. Also the members became a part of first citizen club by paying an application fee of Rs. get necessary information online. With the help for SAS BI server and Enterprise miner they analyzed the variety of consumption by different customers using which they were able to bring innovative customer loyalty programs. Business Analytics     SS Initiated a Project Dhrishti (Data Warehouse) to maintain a standardized timely and accurate customer database. . First Citizen Program    First Citizen is one of the very significant loyalty programs of Shoppers’ Stop. customer service desk etc. 73% of total revenue was obtained by the first citizen holders. First Citizen Program has 1.Summary The CRM initiative of Shoppers Stop entirely revolves around the concept that cost of acquiring new customer is higher than that of retaining existing one. loss prevention and financial analysis Technology   SS is one of those first few retail chains which introduced scanners and bar codes and also encouraged the use of fully computerized operations. Shopper’s Stop very brilliantly imbibed this philosophy into its corporate strategy and the total success of this initiative can be attributed to religious implementation at every step and a whole hearted effort to deliver “feel great” experience at every point of customer interface.150. This was also apparently a revenue generating method adopted by Shoper’s stop.study target market demographics to assist their buying and merchandising decisions It also improved their performance in areas of inventory and vendor management. Analysis helped them understand share of wallet . Also has ERP which helps in quick decision making process.Shopper’s Stop (SS) has converted the concept of retail into an experience.. an indulgence.open new stores faster.

which proves SS’s aim on creating customer delight than just satisfaction. . making the availability of loans from Citibank easy for its customers. Shopper’s stop also enrolled in ICGDS in par with the existing 29 celebrated retail shops worldwide. so that it can capture and sustain No. this is also a milestone in creating an accreditation among the customers and may also help in expanding the customer base. Form this case it is for sure that shopper’s stop has gained the “First mover advantage”.Co. It was the first retail shop to rope in any financial services for co-branding initiatives It also brought in Citibank stall. profitably. However analysis on competitor’s strategies is essentials as it will through lights on the areas where shopper’s stop can improve.branding and Loyalty initiatives      Shopper’s stop made a tie-up with Citibank and introduced First citizen Citibank card. Conclusion With several initiatives Shopper’s stop has emerged a successful retail shop among the tough retail completion. 50% of Shopper’s stop sales are drawn from well managed customer retention programs SKIDS was another innovative offer introduced to cover the kids of the first citizen card holders.1 position in market.

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