At the very beginning of the school year, students take two screenings in order for the program to best meet their individual needs in fact fluency: 1. The first is a typing-speed test, where students see a number and type it on the keyboard. This screening calculates the average amount of time each student needs to physically type an answer and then adds accordingly a certain amount of lag-time built in to each math problem, adjusted for typing. If a student takes his/her time on this screening, it will give a realistic approximation for how quick their typing skills are within a timed setting. 2. The second screening is a math pre-assessment that determines which facts students already know from memory. They take three rounds of a timed fact test that covers all of the facts within the operation (add/subtract/multiply/divide) they are studying. This screening identifies which facts students are already fast with and narrows the amount of study facts they will need to cover in the lessons. If a student feels that this pre-test was not an accurate representation of which facts they do know (maybe they were nervous or distracted that day), they can have their teacher reset the pre-assessment and take it over. Often, this will trim down the amount of study facts as they become more comfortable with the program. 3. A few powerful reasons that Chittenden East uses Fasttmath as their fact fluency program: a. The study facts are differentiated (individualized) for each student. This means that every child can go at his/her own pace, studying just the facts that they have not yet memorized and reviewing in the games some facts they know. b. Each lesson includes a fun game, customizable screens, and healthy self-competition – a wonderful alternative to flash cards and the stress of weekly timed pencil-paper tests. c. Teachers can closely monitor entire class progress with a simple click of the mouse. Knowing that each student is working at his/her own pace, teachers can watch as children learn and grow in the math facts they now know by heart. They can quickly identify individuals who may need more practice and others who are ready for greater challenges – all of this information at their fingertips within seconds! d. The program is accessible at both school and home - a fun, independent way to get better at the math we use daily! … and it only take 10 minutes to complete a lesson!