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Sony online test was conducted by meritac and it was almost similar as cts pattern except c section. The written test have 3 parts - aptitude, verbal and technical. Technical you can select either c with simple Unix programming, c++ with networking, c++ with data structure or c++ with OS. Aptitude totally 15 qns and 20 minutes. Time is more than enough. Verbal also 15 qns but 10 minutes . Here you wont get enough time. 5 qns from paragraph and 10 qns to check which line is correct or incorrect. My suggestion is if reading comprehension seems to be simple try to do it because you will get definite answer for it. If you go for correct or incorrect sentence all the lines seems to be correct or incorrect unless and until you are good in English. 1 did correct or incorrect sentence first so didn't get time for passage. My friend told that passage was easy and all are direct qns. 20 qns for technical and 30 minutes. Here also you will get lot of time. In c test 1/3 easy, i/3 medium tough and 1/3 high standard qns. They will try to confuse you. Aptitude contains 2 venn diagram qn,1 qn related to date and year, 2 from data sufficiency.4 qns from conditions given in a passage. qns fro c covers mainly structure, function, function calling using pointers, pointers, linked list, post suffixes. eg to print the o/p of 16<<-2, ~21>>1; in interview they asked about ug project, pg progect, why you opt vlsi design ? do you published any ieee papers? there are 3 rounds. technical, hr and manage mental. in technical they asked basic dbms commands, c++ - polymorphism. If you are not from cs back ground and don't know dbms they ask about project. in hr they asked if you get in to island alone what you will do to escape? ok ...friends i think this will be helpful for you…..

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