Draper Elementary PTA General Meeting September 12, 2012—Curriculum Night Meeting Called to Order: 6:30 p.m. 2012-13 Proposed Budget Presented  Treasurer Cori Yeomans presented the 2012-13 proposed budget for Draper Elementary. Patsy Larsen made the motion to approve the proposed budget. It passed unanimously.  Highlights of the budget include: - Balance forward from 2011-12: $13,874 - Estimated income: $28,254 - Total assets: $42,128 - Total expenditures: $23,580 - Balance carried forward: $18,548 2012-13 PTA President Introduction  PTA President Ashley Boyle introduced herself and the PTA commissioners. She outlined the programs and activities that PTA sponsors at Draper Elementary. She encouraged parents to join the PTA and reviewed the benefits to families and the school. A membership booth was located in the back of the gym and volunteers would be there all night to sign up parents.  President Boyle urged parents to volunteer, especially in the classroom. Parents are also needed to help with a host of other schoolwide activities. She said they can sign up tonight in the back of the gym and also contact teachers to volunteer.  She also announced this year’s fundraising Fun Run would be moved to this fall so the funds can be used this school year. This year’s Fun Run will be held Friday, October 5. Last year the PTA raised more than $46,000 during the Fun Run and purchased a mobile lab of 30 laptop computers. This year the PTA hopes to raise $12,000 to assist in supporting ongoing PTA programs. PTA General Meeting Adjourned: 6:50 p.m.

Compiled by Melinda Colton, PTA Secretary Approved October 2, 2012