Eshell Instructions Restores Jag, Sargent or POS with messed up firmware.

This is often useful if the device is not able to display the WindowsCE screen or not responding to DHCP. 1. Turn DHCP On by typing DON from a command prompt. 2. Run C:\Support Tools\Eshell\Eshell.Exe

3. Ensure the faulty unit is connect to the server 4. In Eshell select Tools > Manage Device List 5. Reboot the client by removing the power cable and replacing 6. The client that was just rebooted should show up in the non-controlled list box.

7. Using the arrow button in the middle move the client ID over to the 'Controlled Devices' list then select Done. The ID will not be a ‘node number’


EG. 1, 100, 155 8. Select Options and ensure the following are the ONLY options selected - Automatically Download Images - Force Clean Boot After Download 9. Select File > Select Image File and go to the C:\Program Files\Radiant\Radio\Rom directory and select the required firmware version. As a guide both Jaguar and Sargent use the SARG2.xxxx.bin firmware versions and T160 POS terminals generally use the T160-xxxxxx.bin firmware. 10. Reboot the client and you should see a message indicating the image has been downloaded to the device.

11. Wait for the unit to reboot on its own and it should be back to normal.


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