Memorandum To: Fr: Date: Re: Mia Love for Congress Gene Ulm September 25, 2012 Survey results

The following memorandum is based on a survey of 400 likely voters, completed in Utah’s Fourth Congressional District, by Public Opinion Strategies, on behalf of Mia Love for Congress and the National Republican Congressional Committee. The survey was in the field September 10-11, 2012, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9%. Key points: • Mia Love leads Jim Matheson 51%-36% with 13% undecided. This is a huge shift from our July survey showing Mia Love trailing Jim Matheson 38%-51%. This heavily Republican district is coming home. The Republican candidate having a built-in 60%-26% advantage in this district shows Mia may still have more room to grow. • Jim Matheson’s re-elect has flipped. In July, Matheson had majority (albeit slim, 51%) re-elect support. Since then, that number has dropped to 39%, with a majority (50%) now wanting a new person. Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama 73%-25%; this result is virtually identical to the 74%-23% shown in our previous survey. Mia Love’s image has strengthened over the last month. In July, her image was 39% favorable - 11% unfavorable; it is now 51% favorable - 18% unfavorable. In contrast, Jim Matheson’s image has seen significant deterioration. Our last survey showed Matheson with a strong 68% favorable - 20% unfavorable; it is now 57%-33%.

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