English Debate Motion 1.

Technology This house not allow young children to own their own mobile phones This house believe that governments should be allowed to censor internet content in their countries This house Believe in Electricity Privatization for Solving Energy Crisis 2. Social This House agrees that death penalty eligible for corruptor This House would regulating all TV shows This house believe that gay communities should 'out' gay public figures 3. Healthy This House believes that human cloning is unacceptable This House would legalize assisted suicide/ voluntary euthanasia This House supports the provision of condoms to all secondary school students 4. Culture This house obligate the use of traditional language on advertisement This house abolish prom night This house believe that national Heritage should be Auctioned 5. Education This House believes that sex education benefits junior high school students This House claims that homeschooling treats social values of individuals This house believe that school should immediately expel mentally-ill students. 6. Democracy This House believes that democracy is a necessary condition for economic growth and stability. This House believes that opinion polls distort the democratic process. This House believes that democracies should allow citizen-initiated referendums. 7. Law This house believe that doctors should deny practices that going against their believes This house allow abortion att all stages of pregnancy This house Legalize Interfaith Marriage

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