Copy and pmanagement is still inefficient and the marketing channels are ill def ined, all thisresults

in the repletion of chain with inefficiencies.The supply c hain also suffers from information asymmetry, lack of information regardingmarke t accessibility, pressure of consolidation forces the producers to make stupid d ecisionson account of selection of the crop to be produced and how much it shoul d be priced? Allthese result in high prices along with poor quality of the produ ce. The economies of scale andscope are not achieved due to small land holdings of Indian farmers.The distribution activities are infested by government regulat ions, this system incorporatessome more intermediaries in the supply chain resul ting in more insufficiency, farmers sufferfrom red tapism and thus problems in t he smooth movement and sale of produce.The practices followed in the government regulated APMC mandis also acts like a parasitefor the producersaste to create a document

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